How makeup can be natural, nutritious & fun for your skin

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This is how makeup can be natural, nutritious & fun for your skin.
And all that at the same time.

Yes, it sounds implausible. I thought so too. Until I took the plunge and experienced with my own eyes how my skin changed for the better. I am, of course, talking about organic makeup. Yes, let’s talk about it.


I have actually just recently started to take a really good look at what kind of products I buy and what exactly they contain. Before, I simply didn’t care: as long as I could afford it and did its job. My wallet loved it but my skin was less happy.

I used to suffer from acne and the scars on my face show that it was quite a serious problem. Right now there’s not a lot of acne visible anymore and I think (I’m almost sure) it’s because I changed my skincare routine drastically. Of course I breakout every now and then and my skin is never completely smooth and blemish free but it’s no longer so bad that I’m ashamed to show my natural face.

Now I only want to use products that I trust, that I know exactly what is in them. Because your skin is your largest organ and the products you put on, end up in your body as well. And I realised at a certain point that I didn’t like the idea of voluntarily putting toxins into my body and that I was prepared to pay a higher price for products that really work and that are in line with my beliefs, because the whole idea of animal testing for example, simply makes me sick.

This stimulated my makeup behaviour in a positive way; the fact that the products were more expensive made me use them much more sparingly. Instead of covering my whole face, I now only covered the areas that I was really insecure about and sometimes I even go out without makeup. Until two years ago, I really wouldn’t have done that.

As far as makeup products are concerned, I really only use 3 products: the Master Radiance Base, the “Un” Cover-Up and some Mascara. These products ensure that I get the glowing skin I want, that blemishes are covered and that my facial features are highlighted so that I just have a healthy, natural look. Because I’m human too and I have my insecurities and I don’t like it when I have dark circles under my eyes or am besieged by pimples. And I yearn for a healthy glow, especially in the cold winter months, when my skin can look incredibly lifeless.

My routine is very simple and goes like this: I start by applying the Master Radiance Base in the 3-shape on my face and on the tip of my nose. I never really knew much about highlighters and bronzers but I saw this technique somewhere and it works for me, plus, I regularly get compliments that my skin is glowing, which gives me satisfaction that I am doing something right 😉



Then I use the “Un” Cover-Up and apply a little under my eyes and on red spots, acne and any unevenness. What shade you use is actually not very relevant, because this concealer adapts very well to your skin tone. So if you’re having trouble choosing the right shade, don’t panic, read the colour descriptions carefully and choose what you think will match your skin the most. And if you do choose the “wrong” shade, experience the magic of how the concealer penetrates your skin and covers what you want to cover without looking unnatural. I use a shade that might be a bit darker than my actual skin tone too, but it doesn’t make me look unnatural or orange. I like to apply the concealer and let it sit for a little bit before I blend it in, to give it some time to become one with my skintone.

Also, in combination with the Master Radiance Base, the concealer is exactly what I want and need. It covers and shimmersbut in a natural way. So that’s why I really recommend using these products in combination to achieve the best result.

I finish off these steps with some mascara. I have naturally very dark and curly lashes so I don’t really need much, but as I mentioned before, I like to accentuate my features and secretly I am very proud of my lashes so I don’t want to hide them 🙂

You might think now: putting makeup on, cannot be good for your skin. But worry not, these products only contain the cleanest ingredients that you basically could eat. So don’t worry about breaking out or clogged up pores or dry skin due to makeup, with these products, your skin actually gets hydrated and protected, amazing right? At least in my experience, I haven’t had any trouble with my skin, and my skin is really sensitive for breakouts and clogged up pores, REALLY sensitive. And also, I used to get a lot of red dry patches on my face because my makeup dehydrated it and I used to cover that up with the same makeup to conceal the redness, so I was locked up in a downward spiral. Since I’m using the “Un” Cover up, I have never experienced issues like this.

Let me also just say that there is not one right way to do makeup. It is different for everyone. One person will not leave the house without a full, neat layer of makeup while another has enough with a little mascara and some colour on the cheeks or enjoys his or her natural face, that is everyone’s business. And it is all completely fine.

I’m also still experimenting with different products and I’m still researching how makeup exactly works because I’m still a dummy in that area. And actually, that’s the fun of skincare and make-up; a bit of trial and error and experimenting with what really suits you but you will get that extremely satisfied feeling when you have found the perfect products after a long search.


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