My heroes from France


My Heroes from france

Everybody wants to be able to show his or her face to the outside world without shame, but if you have unpleasant spots or your face catches you with a nasty breakout, we’d much rather hide. You can choose to cover your face with make-up (but we all know that your skin would not prefer that) or you can give your skin the care it desires.

I myself have very difficult skin to work with; it’s dry but very oily in the T-zone, I react strongly to the sun, sometimes I suffer from nasty pimples and sometimes the hormones throw an extra boost on top of it. So it’s quite a difficult job to find the right products that meet the needs of my complicated skin and my points of view; because where can I find a product that can take care of my skin optimally while at the same time thinking about the environment?

A number of Oolution products meet my needs and have succeeded in treating my stubborn skin: The Check Matte, the Game over and my personal favourite: The Oil LaLa, have been my charming assistants in my facial care.

The Check Matte and the Game Over are both products that help against acne and other blemishes and that’s why I liked to use them in combination. The Game Over combats pimples and scars and the Check Matte ensures a smooth face and that my skin doesn’t dry out or leave ugly red, dry patches. Both are also very soft and light as a cream unlike other creams which, at least for me, feel very heavy and clog my pores which irritate or overload my skin. To get the most out of the products, I use these two in the evening after removing my make-up and cleansing my face. This way, the products do their job at night and I can get up the next day with a clean, moisturized and radiant face. When my face needed a little more support, I also used the Check Matte under my makeup for extra protection and hydration.

I often used the The Oil LaLa after thoroughly cleansing my face and then spoiling it with a nice mask. Applying the light Oil LaLa to my face afterwards nourished and hydrated it without clogging the pores. A few drops are actually enough to nourish your entire face and it smells delicious too! Just the fresh, sweet scent sold me right from the start and when the oil turned out to work great on my skin, it became my absolute favourite! Since this oil is multifunctional, you can also put it in your hair and on your whole body to carry the blissful aroma with you all day long.

For me, these products are ideal because, with my unpredictable skin, sometimes I didn’t know what to do with it and what it needs. These heroes of Oolution are the cure for all my ailments so I don’t have to worry about deficient skin because Oolution takes all the worries out of my hands and does its job flawlessly!

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