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Biocidin Botanicals

Harnessing the power of Nature

Biocidin Botanicals offers potent natural solutions to address the multifaceted challenges of our time with a commitment to simplicity. Our foundation rests on the 18 herbs found in our flagship formulation—a trusted choice for integrative and naturopathic doctors for over three decades. We nurture and uphold a culture of empathy and compassion, not only for our employees but also for our practitioner partners and customers. How we treat others, ourselves, and our planet is an integral part of our mission to support and facilitate health for all beings.

Our trust lies in nature’s intelligence, bolstered by scientific validation. We rely on the holistic triad of clinical science, botanical traditions, and energetics to develop, test, and verify our formulations.

More about Biocidin Botanicals

Rooted in the legacy of Rachel Fresco, a visionary who intertwined her intimate knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine with the revelations of modern-day science, Biocidin Botanicals stands as a testament to holistic healing. With more than three decades of pioneering research and botanical mastery, we're not just another brand; we're a movement, committed to redefining health through the power of plants.

Why are microbes so important?

Our bodies are vast universes teeming with microbes. To give you a perspective, the number of microbes in our system outnumbers the stars in the Milky Way. They are more prevalent than our own cells. And these microscopic beings are not just passive residents; they are active participants in the intricate dance of our existence.

Our Legacy:

  • The Genesis: Born amidst the aisles of a family pharmacy and nurtured by the tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rachel Fresco embarked on a journey to confront some of the most daunting health challenges of our times. Biocidin, our flagship product, emerged as the triumphant answer, boasting broad-spectrum efficacy.

  • Ahead of the Curve: Even before the term 'microbiome' became mainstream, Rachel was revolutionizing the natural health space. With validations from renowned institutions like Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories, her formulations continue to be lauded and trusted.

  • Innovation & Beyond: From addressing the complexities of biofilms to ensuring targeted delivery systems, Rachel and her team's relentless pursuits have always been about amplifying health. Today, Biocidin Botanicals' range offers an array of solutions, each a testament to over 30 years of dedication and trust in the potency of 18 core herbs.

Our Ethos:

  • Unified in Purpose: We aren't just co-workers; we're a family bonded by our unwavering commitment to holistic health. Our culture pulsates with energy, wisdom, and mutual respect, reflecting our foundational beliefs.

  • Nature Meets Science: At Biocidin Botanicals, we bow to nature's wisdom, but we also understand the power of scientific validation. Marrying the ancient with the contemporary, we consistently endeavor to elevate the health experiences of our patrons.

  • Synergy is Our Mantra: Eighteen may seem like just a number, but for us, it symbolizes a magical union. When these plants unite, they create a symphony of health benefits that’s unparalleled.


Although the term “microbiome” gained traction only two decades ago, it has become a cornerstone of modern health discussions. The microbiome encompasses all microorganisms living in harmony within us - be it bacteria, viruses, or fungi. The depth and breadth of their influence on our health have only recently been recognized and explored.

These minuscule entities are not just squatters; they are active contributors to our health. Over 100,000 scientific studies stand as testament to the vital role microbes play:

  1. Immunity Boosters: They help in developing our immune system's strength and tolerance.
  2. Nutrient Factories: These tiny workers assist in nutrient synthesis.
  3. Guardians of Health: They provide protection against potential invaders.
  4. Healers: They play a pivotal role in tissue repair and healing.
  5. And More: From hydration to myriad other health aspects, they’re indispensable.

While the gastrointestinal tract serves as the primary residence for these microbes, they’re not confined to this area. Our skin, mouth, bladder, and even the middle ear have their own unique microbial ecosystems.

The Fine Line of Balance: It's a delicate equilibrium. While many of these microbes contribute positively to our health, some can have adverse effects if not kept in check. Imbalance, known as dysbiosis, leads to a plethora of challenges. It's not just about missing out on the benefits of beneficial microbes but also about managing the complications introduced by the unfavorable ones.

Biocidin Botanicals was founded by Rachel Fresco, who grew up in her family's pharmacy and later pursued a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Biocidin is a botanical combination with broad-spectrum activity. It was one of the most powerful natural microbiome-balancing formulations ever tested by Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories.

The number '18' represents the core herbs in their flagship formulation, which have been used worldwide by integrative and naturopathic doctors for over 30 years.

Yes, Biocidin has withstood the test of time and scientific scrutiny. It has been praised by institutions like Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories and is backed by both published and ongoing research.

The brand believes in the holistic triad of clinical science, botanical traditions, and energetics. They trust in nature's intelligence, combined with scientific validation, to develop their formulations.

  • Synergy is the key. The power of Biocidin comes from the combination of eighteen plants, each contributing its unique energetic and diverse qualities, resulting in a blend where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We hope these FAQs provide a clearer understanding of Biocidin Botanicals and its dedication to holistic health. For any further queries, feel free to reach out to our team.

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