Full Moon Gloom

The sparkling stars would not be the stars without the presence of the mysterious moon. It can reflect very elegantly on the water or spookily peek through the trees. Whatever the setting, the moon is an eye-catcher. But what the moon mainly occupies me, is what it is doing to me, mentally and physically. As soon as the moon has its most beautiful full, round shape, my emotions are going crazy. A few days before the full moon, it begins; I become very irritable and my emotions become much stronger.

Normally I have a very regular sleeping rhythm; I go to bed at about the same time every night and my internal clock, wakes me up every morning at about the same time, but during the full moon, my loyal internal clock, is completely disturbed. Then all of a sudden I don’t fall asleep so easily anymore, I can’t find a comfortable sleeping position at all and I lie in bed for hours and suddenly I have extreme difficulty getting out of bed the next morning.

Before I go to sleep, I always try to relax myself as much as possible by grabbing a book, drinking a cup of tea and creating a soothing atmosphere with the help of candles and the scent of lavender, because there is no smell that is so calming and soporific for me. But choose a scent that you like and make you feel at ease (if you also suffer from the full moon or if you are a difficult sleeper).

This is therefore the time when I need to pay more attention to myself and pamper myself a little. I sleep worse, so I also FEEL worse. A little extra attention to yourself, makes you feel better, at least emotionally. Take a bath, listen to music while spoiling yourself with a nice facemask, watch your favourite movie while giving yourself a manicure or buy your favourite cookies and other treats (or make them yourself!). A day has only 24 hours, spend it well! The time we spend scrolling on social media should be used to really pamper ourselves, that will make you a much happier person!

Now, you may think this is all nonsense, but a study by the Basel University in Sweden did find a connection between the full moon and sleeping problems. 33 people, unaware of what the research was about, were tested. They slept in a room (in which no moonlight was visible by the way) and all their sleeping behaviour was analysed, including their eye movements and the production of melatonin. On average, the subjects took five minutes longer to fall asleep, slept 20 minutes shorter, their deep sleep decreased by 30% and the production of melatonin also dropped. Exactly why we sleep worse during the full moon is still unclear. It is suspected that it has to do with the fact that predators are more active during the full moon because there is more moonlight and we as humans should be more wary of danger, but obviously, this occurred centuries ago.

Whatever the reason may be, the full moon can be a very difficult issue for some people and can have a major impact on daily life, since a good night’s sleep plays a major role in our health. Fortunately, this only happens once a month and with a bit of luck, it is not every time as intense as the other time. Plus, now you have a good excuse to eat a piece of chocolate without feeling guilty, just blame it on the moon 😉

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