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Pure Magnesium Products

With Zechsal and their products you are assured of the purest and most gentle and natural magnesium, straight from the unique Zechstein source.

Zechsal has been around for more than ten years and has grown to be the leading magnesium expert. Utilizing innovation as the driving force, pure magnesium as the foundation, and the goal of promoting world peace and wellness.

More about Zechsal

The origin of Zechsal

A little town close to Veendam, the Netherlands called Tripscompagnie is where Zechsal is extracted. Here, unusual salt deposits from the Zechstein Sea have been mined since 1982. More than 250,000,000 years ago, this sea evaporated.

At several locations in Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands, salt is harvested from the salt layers of the Zechstein Sea. Most often, this utilizes sodium chloride (table salt), with Boekelo being the most well-known source in the Netherlands. The primary product of the source at Tripscompagnie is magnesium chloride. Only 10 of these sources are utilized globally. It is acknowledged that the source in Tripscompagnie is the cleanest (uncontaminated) and most concentrated. This magnesium salt contains 47% magnesium chloride when it is solid.

Magnesium deficiency

The body needs enough magnesium at all times! Relaxation is one of magnesium's key characteristics. Magnesium ensures that muscles relax, whereas calcium ensures that muscles contract. For instance, cramps are a symptom of severe magnesium shortage. But magnesium can also aid in reducing tension so that you can sleep better. Therefore, magnesium has a very wide range of effects.


The simple response is "no."
The kidneys are just used to eliminate any extra magnesium. It is recommended that people with severe kidney disorders avoid using Zechsal products.

Zechsal is quickly delivered to the cells, where it is most needed, when it is absorbed through the skin.

The gastrointestinal tract is unaffected by skin absorption. The likelihood of experiencing diarrhoea, a side effect of taking magnesium supplements, is reduced. The body's intake (absorption) of the active component is maximized since no wasteful degradation of the ingredient occurs.

Definitely. Magnesium can be found in wholewheat bread, bananas, soy, almonds, kale, chocolate, and many more foods. But a lot of people (unawarely) have a magnesium shortage.

This is due to both our eating habits and the fact that less magnesium is now present in our diet than it once was. The latter is a result of our soil's depletion. Your requirement for more magnesium will depend on a variety of variables.

Magnesium is an essential component that supports more than 350 metabolic reactions that occur within the body. Because of this, magnesium (deficiency) is linked to a wide range of symptoms.

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