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Elevate Health & Well-being

The mouth is the window to our overall health and therefore crucial for the quality and quantity of our lives. We are blue®m, a leading oral health company. We’ve 10 years plus experience in the dental industry. Born in the dental clinic brought to your daily life.

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Our mouth is the entry point to our digestive, respiratory and nervous system

The mouth is the gatekeeper of your gut.

Chemical digestion begins in your mouth when food mixes with enzymes that initiate the breakdown of carbohydrates. In other words, chewing is a crucial first step to convert food into molecules your body can use. The quality of your saliva and teeth strength combined, is essential for the digestive system and your overall health. The Greek physician Hippocrates said it 2500 years ago: “All disease begins in the gut”. We strongly believe in a direct tie-in between a healthy mouth and a healthy gut.

Breath is the force of life.

The best-kept secret to beating stress, increasing awareness, increasing energy, is conscious, controlled breathing. It’s the most important tool to reduce stress, and heighten focus, clarity and energy. You breathe about 15,840 times a day. Now, imagine your mouth, home to over 700 species of bacteria, as one of the gateways to your lungs. Then think about the fact that good and bad bacteria live, grow, eat and reproduce there. Ew… not a pretty picture, right?  

Our mouth is the most sensitive part of our body.

Since almost half of your sensory and motor nerves are located in your mouth, it is the most sensitive part of your body. Oral problems, like cavities, gum disease and root canals can impact the nervous system, which can lead to an increased heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. A no-brainer: the nervous system is a catalyst to your overall health and well-being.

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