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Ah there it is again, Summer! For me, summer means that the floral dresses are back on, that I’m going to discover new destinations, but above all that I spend long, lazy days in the sun, which then turn into a lively evening with friends and loved ones.

Here in the Netherlands we are fanatical summer-goers; when the sun shows itself, the entire country is riding its bicycle with shorts on and there is a smell of barbecue everywhere. I like it, the enthusiastic attitude “to grab what you can” and enjoying every ray of sunshine that comes, because after all, it may have made way for a heavy rain shower the very next day. Luckily there are also self tanning oils, and then I prefer La Mav’s Gradual Tanning Moisturiser, if there’s a lack of sun, this Australian oil leaves your skin golden brown and gives you an extra dose of magnesium, and who knows more about the sun, than Australians?

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Because the sun is often hard to find in the Netherlands, we like to go in packs to Spain, Italy, France, Croatia or anywhere else to seek out the sun, play the tourist and relax. This summer is radically different: all of a sudden we’re not allowed to go anywhere. The previous summers you had to fight for a nice spot on the terrace and now the terraces are almost empty and you only get angry eyes on you when you accidentally let out a cough or when you suffer from hay fever sneezes. Let’s face it, there have been better summers than this one. Normally you would be annoyed by the fact that your area was packed with nosy tourists who were just standing in the way of you and now you actually miss the hustle and bustle.

And especially me with my curious nose who wants to see, taste and smell everything the world has to offer, is having a hard time. This year I won’t get much further than my little backyard and I’ve rarely been able to pull out a floral dress so far, in other words: this wasn’t how I had the summer in mind. But still I am positive in this situation, I now get satisfaction from the little things much faster. I am now much more often on the road in the nature around me, I walk, I cycle, I devour book after book, I have more time for friends and family and then I thank my lucky stars that I have been able to meet these people.

But I also enjoy being alone much more. I’ve always been a person who likes to talk to people but at some point I have to retreat to recharge. Then I sit in a quiet place, light a candle or my favorite incense of Jeomra (the Superior Hojari Frankincense is a treat for your nose and mind), play my favorite record, put on a comfortable sweater or wrap myself in a nice blanket and read a good book. That’s all I need, but only after half an hour, I feel so much better! Give yourself a break sometimes to recover, to seclude and to be alone with yourself, that’s very important!

Whether you celebrate the summer on the beach or in your backyard; stay healthy, look after yourself and each other and apply sunscreen! The sun may be your best friend in summer, but it’s also your fiery enemy, so make sure you carry a good bottle of sun block with you wherever you go!


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