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I am a person who loves to schedule; I like to work with lists, I write everything down and my agenda is crucial in my life. My timetable said that I actually should go to college now but even I sometimes deviate from my own planning so now I am working at The Dutch Health Store and I will leave studying for the time being.


How I found my way to The Dutch Health Store went through a somewhat special route. To avoid confusion, let’s start at the beginning: I’m currently 19 years old, I finished high school last year and while all my classmates immediately continued studying and went to college, I had planned for years to go out into the wide world. And that is exactly what I have done.

I have seen the West and East coasts of Australia, I have walked ancient volcanoes in Hawaii, I was amazed by the massiveness in New York, I have lived the carefree life in Puerto Rico and enjoyed the sunshine in the warm Florida. I could picture it all: 6 months away from the cold Netherlands and only discovering new places. The first 4 months went flawlessly, until the world panicked with the arrival of the Corona virus. All the activities I still wanted to do were cancelled and I was forced to go home (especially because a very worried mother was waiting for me at home). I came home in the most depressing atmosphere and after a few days I actually wanted to go out again. My adventure wasn’t finished yet but I couldn’t go any way. I had already quit my job in the restaurant (I couldn’t go there anyway because they were closed due to Corona) so all I was doing at home was getting bored and making myself unhappy with my thoughts about things I could have done at that time on the other side of the world. Until my best friend told me that she had a new job at an online shop and that she thought I would fit in. I got in touch with Wilma and within two weeks I was part of the DHS team!

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At work I am mainly translating the products on the website, and with more than a thousand products on the site and a Wilma who is allowed to sell new product lines all the time, that’s quite a big task! I’ve always had a pretty good linguistic sense so I’m pretty good at translating, but I also love to write about anything and everything, and Wilma, with her attentive eye, noticed that and suggested that I could write articles for the newsletter. So in addition to translating, I can occasionally write a blog about what’s on my mind and what’s close to me, or I write a small review about products I’ve tested.

So a lot is happening now, but if you had come to talk to me a year ago, I would have told you a completely different story; I would take one gap year, go on a trip and then go to college. But with the pandemic that is happening in the world and everything around it, I have to say that my motivation to start studying now has dropped dramatically. Nowadays it is the norm that you start studying immediately after high school so the fact that I wanted to take another gap year caused a lot of criticism but I have also realised in these bizarre times that it is okay to go against that norm sometimes and just do what I feel like doing and let all the other person’s comments pass me by. And believe me, that makes you a lot happier. On top of that, in the four months I’ve travelled, I’ve become addicted to it and I’m already eager to go on an adventure again.

So without my choice for a gap year, the coronavirus and my friend, I wouldn’t be here right now, I might never have known The Dutch Store at all and I probably would have made very different choices for next year. I think I am in my place here. So Wilma, you haven’t got rid of me yet 😉 . Life sometimes makes surprising twists and turns and while you may have planned everything so well, sometimes things don’t turn out the way you had in mind. But I would like to believe that all this was supposed to be like this.


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The girl of the Blogs

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