The Benefits of Vitamin C in Skincare

The Benefits of Vitamin C in Skincare

Recent years have witnessed an explosion in the use of vitamin C in skincare products. So what’s given rise to the surge in vitamin C’s popularity? Vitamin C has long held an illustrious reputation for its ability to bolster our immune systems and help beat back the common cold and other ailments – but its […]

My life, my journey

I was born as a farmers daughter and I raised up with horses, cats and dogs, cows and all kind of other cattle who normally lives on a farm. I also raised up with our own produced vegetables, fruits and wildcrafted herbs. The garden was the domain of my grandparents and, especially my grandfather, taught […]

Long, hot days and short nights. Summer 2018!!

It's definitely Summer in whole Europe! 

It’s definitely Summer in whole Europe! I hope you enjoy the sun, with his benefits, where ever you are or whatever you do. At Dutch Health Store we still going on (no time for vacation! 😎)  as you can read in our newsletter. There are always new products and this time a lovely “Aloha” monthly […]

Stay safe and have fun in the sun!

Stay safe in the sun
The sun is symbolic to many cultures as the source of all creation. It gives vitality to life. From trees bearing fruit, seed and bark to plants bearing flowers, leaves and roots that nourish us, to the animal kingdom and humanity... sunlight has been used throughout the evolution of humankind as a healing vehicle to maintain health [...]

Terranova is organic but how are vitamins (like B12 and A) produced?

erra Nova is all organic and not synthetic, but how about (for example) vitamin B12 and Vitamin A?

I asked Stephen Terras, owner and director Terranovaa question about the ingredients in supplements of Terranova. My question:Terranova is all organic and not synthetic, but can you explain how you produce (for example) vitamin B12 and Vitamin A? ∼ Wilma

GETTING BRACES – Heavy Metal or Harmonized Health

GETTING BRACES - Heavy Metal or Harmonized-Health

If you were like most North American teens, around age 12, you were marched into an orthodontist’s office, and after a few hours of fitting, gluing and tapping you walked out with a mouth full of metal brackets, braces, wires and bands to straighten your teeth. Perhaps even a few of your permanent teeth were […]

5 Steps to Banish Acne

5 Steps to Banish Acne - Nadine Artemis

Diet, Hormones and Acne! Oh my. Acne. If you have it, you want it gone. Hormones, digestion and modern skin care are the cause of most acne problems. Fortunately, there 5 easy steps that you can take to get your skin smooth and healthy again. 1. Introduce fermented foods and probiotics into your diet A […]

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby!

Nadine Artemis - Living Libations

There are numerous hitches in trying to recreate a plant oil in a lab. The fragrant oils distilled from plants, called secondary metabolites, are part of a plant’s defense system against pests, predators, microbes, sunburn, and drought. They are also part of the plant’s reproductive system used to lure in friendly pollinators. These plant mechanisms […]

Lovely Lipids Getting Cellular about Cellulite

Body fat is a lovely lipid. We rely on our body fat for thermoregulation, cushioning and “filler” in the body between organs, and energy storage. Women are energy storage experts. The female body is very efficient at fat storage to sustain us and our babies through motherhood. Pregnancy and breast feeding require a massive amount […]