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TOWARDS WHOLE / Five-sensory & Multi-sensory humans – Lepaar

Our current understanding of evolution results from the fact that we have evolved until now by exploring our physical reality with our five senses. This has allowed us to see the basic principles of the Universe in concrete ways. We see through our five senses that every action is a cause that has an effect, and that every effect has a cause. We see the results of our intentions.

RMS Beauty: Our philosophy

After many years in the fashion and make-up industry, I’ve learned a lot about the impact of daily exposure to chemicals in beauty care products. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t live up to its promises. I see the results of taking a quick-fix approach to looking good. I know first-hand the price our health can pay in the pursuit of beauty. I realized that what women need is a cosmetics line that is as pure as possible, one that creates a solid foundation for anti-aging and long-term beauty.

Rose-Marie’s Story – About RMS Beauty

Several years ago, Rose-Marie began to experience some severe health issues. In her healing process and intense research, she discovered that some of the toxic chemicals and heavy metals in her system were also found in today’s beauty products we use daily. After rebuilding her own health, Rose-Marie realized she wanted to help other women claim their right to healthy, clean beauty and created the first of its kind, truly organic color cosmetic line, RMS Beauty. It is now sold worldwide and growing.

La Mav’s: Australia’s first Organic & Award-Winning BB Crème

Australia’s first Organic & Award-Winning BB Crème combines the complexion-perfecting properties of the purest natural minerals with the moisturising and nourishing benefits of our carefully selected bio-active ingredients. The beautiful blend of color-correcting pigments, natural extracts and anti-ageing actives even skin tone and conceal imperfections, for a vibrant, natural finish.

The beauty of clean ingredients – RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is a unique makeup line, created using ingredients that work synergistically with your own skin. The result is a flawless, lightweight makeup that feels and looks like a pure, youthful second skin. Your skin is a life force, it will react to anything that you apply to it. Based on living and organic principles, RMS beauty taps into this life force, giving your skin that buoyant glow.

Deciphering Cosmetic Codes: Ingredients Your Skin Can Live Without

Water (tap) Cosmetics seem to be created backwards and upside down! Liquid and creamy products contain mostly water or water-based infusions, called distillates or aqueous extracts, used to fill up bottles inexpensively. Because aqueous solutions are vulnerable to spoilage, preservatives (like paraben, sodium benzoate and Leucidal Liquid) must be added to the product. I love water! Pure […]

(Recipe) Mushroom Stroganoff

So today I share with you the recipe that resulted. Keep in mind, this is one of those recipes that is: Give a man a carrot, he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to garden, he’ll eat forever. In that, I didn’t measure what I was doing… I was totally winging it. So I’m going to give you the bare bones and you’re going to take it from there. Which, really, is how anyone becomes adept at anything. Trust me, you can do it.