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Does Your Skincare Provide Enough Prebiotics For Your Skin?

Do you have a biome-friendly skin routine? Or microflora skincare, maybe? You are probably going, ‘Hold on. A microflora routine? Does that mean there are bacterial strains and other microorganisms that can be actually good for the skin?” The answer is, yes and yes.

A biome-friendly skin routine involves the use of skincare products that replenish and support the growth of good skin microbiome which plays an important role in protecting and keeping the skin barrier healthy and protects it from environmental pollutants, helps the skin stay hydrated by making it less permeable, manages inflammations of the skin, look at the immune response, deal with UV radiations, deals with other skin problems like acne, and prevents rapid aging.

ingredient spotlight + folklore : PLUMERIA

weetly scented, vibrant petals that speak to the soul. Plumeria is an incredibly energetic bloom. The skin benefits from this flower truly work on an emotional level. Connecting us to the divine, light, abundant love and wisdom beyond ourselves. The Plumeria used in our brand new anointing oil was created from the process of enfleurage.

(Recipe) No bake Vegan Earl Grey Blueberry Tart

This no-bake vegan blueberry tart combines the flavors of blueberries and Earl Grey tea with a coconut cream base and almond/coconut gluten-free crust. The results are a delicious easy vegan dessert to impress friends and family and for special occasions. Plus, this berry tart is dairy-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, no-bake, and absolutely delicious!

A Men’s Skincare Routine that Really Works

Men’s skincare routines often prioritize efficiency over pampering. At Codex Beauty, we’d like to change that. Giving your face a good, thorough cleansing and moisturizing can (and should!) feel good, too. In honor of Father’s Day, we designed a super relaxing yet ultra-effective facial treatment to clear out pores, soften tough patches, and give skin a healthy, rested glow—which is something that hardworking dads deserve every day. Cheers to you, guys.

How makeup can be natural, nutritious & fun for your skin

This is how makeup can be natural, nutritious & fun for your skin. And all that at the same time. Yes, it sounds implausible. I thought so too. Until I took the plunge and experienced with my own eyes how my skin changed for the better. I am, of course, talking about organic makeup. Yes, let’s talk about it.