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What is incense

So many stories, so many myths. No resin on this earth is as well known as incense–the resin that was offered to the Child Jesus in the manger along with myrrh and gold. That resin, which is used in almost all cultures and religions for blessing and which not only opens the heart and mind, but also unfolds its healing power in the body. The resin of the incense trees has been one of the most sacred raw materials on this earth for thousands of years.

La Mav’s Commitment: Certified Organic. Certified Cruelty-Free. 100% Vegan

As Australia’s FIRST certified organic, anti-ageing skincare range, La Mav was formed on the belief that no woman should have to sacrifice her beauty for health. To this day we are committed to not only producing, but increasing awareness about the importance of using ethical, sustainable and organic beauty products.