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What Your Dentist Forgot to Mention

Like most of us, you probably learned to brush and floss your teeth as a child. The truth is, brushing and flossing isn’t enough. And we have got the cavities, crowns, root canals, and missing teeth to prove it.

Scientific advances have increased our knowledge about our teeth and our health, enabling us to take charge of our teeth in ways we never dreamed about.

Here are a few less than fun facts about your oral care that may surprise you.

Sandalwood Soars As An Antioxidant

Recent research has confirmed what Cleopatra knew all along: Sandalwood Essential Oil protects the skin from premature aging. ⁠⁠
Even with the subtlest of dilution rates, at and below 0.2%, sandalwood essential oil is as potent an antioxidant as quercetin and is more free radical scavenging than alpha-tocopherol (a form of vitamin E).⁠⁠

(Recipe) No Bake Cookies

If you’ve never tried no bake cookies before, drop what you’re doing and make this recipe ASAP. You’ll love these easy, delicious, and addictive treats. Also; they’re perfect for some self-care moments. It only takes 7 ingredients to make these peanut butter no bake cookies rich, chocolateey, and addictive. You likely have most of them in your pantry already!

BE HAPPY: A new attitude to life with the happy mood formula

Raise the curtain and set the stage for our latest, freshly launched YLUMI formula: the HAPPY MOOD CAPSULES are finally here! Do you often feel run down and stressed? Would you like to invite more happiness, joie de vivre and well-being into your everyday life? Then the new capsules are just the thing for you. How we have created a protective shield against stress with the best ingredients from nature that strengthens your nerves and psyche from the inside out – that’s what we’ll talk about in this article

ADAPTOGENS – The anti-stress remedy from Nature

Based on the harmonising effects, adaptogenic plant substances have been traditionally served as tea or mixed in food in traditional Chinese teachings or in the Indian art of healing (Ayurveda) for decades. In the western world, these herbal substances have only received increased attention in recent years and, especially in America, a real hype has arisen around adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs.

How yoga helps you love the Skin you’re in

How do you love the skin you’re in? Do you feel like your relationship with yourself could do with a boost? How do you uncover self-love, self-trust and more compassion? Yoga offers a way to help you to love yourself from the inside out. As well as help you develop a kinder relationship with yourself, yoga helps you find a wide open and balanced heart. Caring for ourselves doesn’t leave us unable to care for others, but rather helps us to do so more deeply and authentically. Showing ourselves more love results in a deeper understanding of what it means to be human, and can open our hearts more to others: flaws and all.