My Rosacea Story….

rosacea dutch health store

It all started with….

I hope it will have a happy ending, like love-stories and fairytales, time will tell!
Like so many other people, I have been suffering from Rosacea since a couple of years.

rosacea dutch health store

It started with some red spots

It started with some red spots, a warm feeling, “blushing” all the time and some strange pimples, it
ended in a very sensitive skin with good and bad periods.
Of course I tried EVERYTHING I could, with so many products at hand it’s very easy. I avoided some foods, took supplements, read all about it, etc etc.

Resulting in:

It all helped, a bit, but it remainded with, like I said good and bad periods.
In the good periods I hope it’s gone… but it can already be different the next day!

A lot of intense treatments

So, last month I made a decision; it musn’t control my life and I want to get rid of it.
Therefore I consulted the “Rositta-clinic” in the Netherlands.
I will recieve a lot of intense treatments there over the next few weeks.
And, as I said: hopefully with a positive result and a happy Wilma!

Stay tuned!

With Love,

to be continued


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