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Tofu, Falafel, Tempeh, for some it sounds like Chinese but for me it is part of my diet every week but also more and more people are getting acquainted with the vegetarian cuisine nowadays . I think that people have woken up (finally!) and have realised that we have to be a bit more careful with our beautiful planet.

I have never really been a meat-eater, as a child I was actually more of a fruit and vegetable lover and I preferred to leave my piece of meat on my plate. I never really consciously thought about the meat industry and the damage it can do, while the environment and animals are very important to me, so when I got more insight into meat production, I immediately decided to start consuming less meat.

Meanwhile, I have been a pescotarian (a what?) for four years now, which means that I don’t eat meat unless it comes from the ocean. This is purely because I have always been a great lover of fish and seafood and would sincerely have a lot of trouble never being allowed to eat it again. However, I also try to eat less and less fish and am constantly looking for alternatives.

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My goal was to become a flexitarian in the first place. I removed red meat from my diet and decided to eat only chicken and fish. As I more often skipped meat at dinner, I noticed the improvements in my health quite quickly; my acne problem became abnormally less, it became cleaner, scars were less noticeable and the acne started reappearing less. But also my whole body felt better; almost after a week I noticed that my body could process the food much easier, I didn’t feel bloated anymore and actually felt much more energetic! I really liked this because I had been experimenting for a long time to solve my acne problem, I had tried all kinds of creams and scrubs etc. but I hadn’t thought about the fact that the cause of my problem, was my food.

Don’t worry, even though I don’t eat meat, I do get my vitamins. There are many options for meat substitutes from which you can get those vitamins but an egg, nuts and legumes also contain these so, of course, I make sure I eat them every day. Or you can simply take supplements, that’s just as easy.

Nowadays I’m doing a lot more nosing around in the vegan kitchen. I like to try out new recipes and get a lot of inspiration from other vegan chefs and it keeps surprising me how many possibilities there are. At first I found it very difficult to cook completely plant-based, but with a little research and a lot of practice, I notice that I am slowly getting better and better.I really enjoy cooking and my family are my test subjects in my experiments. And since they find my cooking-skills very tasty, they are more open to try new things and are often pleasantly surprised when I tell them that they have eaten completely vegan.

Nowadays, people are more aware of the environment and animal suffering and more often they choose to eat vegetarian or to exchange dairy for almond milk, for example, which makes me so happy! With the help of social media, recipes can be shared easily and with just one click, you can get millions of search results on the internet of vegetarian and vegan recipes, so you can literally find a vegan alternative for all dishes, which are just as tasty! And I should know, because when I put a vegan lasagna on the table, even my father (a real meat eater) is licking his plate completely clean.

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