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Leahlani Skincare

Organic & Natural Skincare

Hawaii-based skincare infused with the island’s abundant blooming botanicals, vibrant fruit nectars and lush tropical beauty oils.

Composed by hand in our Kauai studio, our sumptuous formulations balance the complexion and uncover your skin’s true natural radiance. With potent organic actives, rich texture, and evocative fragrance, Leahlani transforms your daily skincare routine into a luxurious ritual of beauty.

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More about Leahlani

Formulated in Hawaii by holistic skincare expert, licensed esthetician, and botanical alchemist Leah Klasovsky, Leahlani was created to infuse joy and inspiration into the practice of caring for your skin.

Through my years as a holistic esthetician, I had the honor of treating hundreds of fabulous faces. Across all ages and skin types, I came to realize that all my clients were seeking essentially the same thing – a way to love their skin. It was my own struggle with severe cystic acne that drew me to the world of holistic beauty, so I was moved by the difficulty my clients expressed in connecting with meaningful routines that supported the complexions they craved.

Inspired, inspirited and intent, I set off to develop a skincare line that would transform a mundane routine into a treasured ritual. Creating Leahlani has expanded my heart in more ways than I can ever say, connecting me with people all over the world through the extraordinary natural ingredients found on our beloved Hawaii.

My intention is that you fall madly in love with your skincare ritual, savoring the multi-sensory indulgence of Leahlani’s pure tropical fragrances, soft natural colors, silken textures and effervescent bubbles of botanical magic. I invite you to experience skincare as a form of self-care, and hope that each time you touch your wonderful face, you do so with love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wonderful question.We are aware that each person's skin is distinctive and diverse.
It can take awhile to find a skin-friendly ritual. For your skin to fully adapt to your new products for one cellular renewal cycle, we advise using the products for at least 28 days.

Benzyl Alcohol, Linalool, Geraniol, Eugenol and Benzyl benzoate are natural components found in essential oils. Essential oils all contain many natural, chemical constituents in their makeup. Because essential oils do come from plants, there can be allergen risks. To make sure you won't experience an allergic response if you have a sensitivity to a particular essential oil allergen, check to see if it is included in our list of ingredients.

What is DI-PPG-2 MYRETH-10 ADIPATE? We wanted Pamplemousse to remove makeup and impurities like a boss, and we wanted her to rinse clean with water- without the need for a washcloth for removal. DI-PPG is an emollient and a diester of adipic acid and an alkoxylated myristyl alcohol, it is what gives Pamplemousse her silken texture when mixed with water. You can read more about the safety of this ingredient HERE.

Meli GLOW has 'parfume' listed in her ingredients, does she have artificial fragrance in her? No, she does not. Her fragrance is composed of a proprietary blend of essential oils, fruit and plant extracts- and is 100% natural in origin.

Great question! There is a great difference between the two:


Since serums are water-based rather than oil-based and have smaller molecules than oils, they can reach deeper layers of the skin.

Serums can brighten, exfoliate, reduce wrinkles, and deeply hydrate your skin, all of which are beneficial for your skin. They provide your skin with a higher concentration of ingredients than a moisturizer does.


Although elixirs frequently have a thinner consistency than serums, they frequently have a combination of oils and botanical components to help hydrate and nourish skin. They support the development of a more radiant and moisturized complexion by nourishing and healing the skin. They are more suited for skin types with dry, aging, and dehydrated conditions.

You can find the complete list of ingredients under each product listing on our website. Should you have any questions or concerns about ingredients and pregnancy, we recommend checking with your doctor.

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