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Anima Mundi Apothecary

Indigenous medicine | Ancient traditions | Botanical treasures

We bridge ancient remedies to the modern world.

The company Anima Mundi is a family owned and operated business. Our superfoods are produced in a facility that is both FDA registered and cGMP verified.
Handcrafted in the United States with wild plants and certified organic herbs in a gluten-free and vegan kitchen. Our products contain zero fillers, binders or flow agents. Lab tested for purity and efficiency.

More about Anima Mundi

Ancient Wisdom

Organic, wildcrafted, and responsibly farmed plants make up our apothecary. We continually seek out pure, unadulterated, and healthful medications for the wellbeing of the mind, body, and soul. The company Anima Mundi is committed to creating vivid and medicinally effective treatments that uphold the ideals of harmony and traditional formulas backed by centuries of traditional and anecdotal evidence.

A family owned business

Anima Mundi is a family owned and operated business. Their products are made with certified organic herbs, wild harvested plants from a vegan and gluten free kitchen, never containing fillers, binders or flow agents. Adrina Ayales founded Anima Mundi with the aim of providing a natural medicinal herb line based on native traditions and ancient formulations. They take great pride in sourcing only pristine, unaldulterated, and wholesome medicines for mind body and soul wellness. Through organic agriculture and wildcrafted goods, she wanted to create a business that would not only provide pure and powerful healthcare, but also preserve indigenous land and their local economies. With years of anecdotal and traditional evidence, Anima Mundi makes vibrant and medicinally potent remedies that honor the principles of harmony.


We always recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner about the use of herbs during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some products that can be great allies during this time are: Reishi, our Adaptogenic Immortality powder, Moringa, and Turmeric. If you have questions regarding specific products you are interested in, please feel free to email us!

We always recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner about the use of herbal medicine while on prescription medication for serious conditions. While some herbal medicine is deemed safe, some can cause contraindications.

The general rule of thumb is 2 weeks of consistent use at the recommended dosage, but this depends on many factors: your body’s history, diet, mindset, the actual plant(s) you’re taking, and beyond. Know that although you might “not feel anything” right away, your body is generating an adaptation and response to it. Give it time, sometimes effects might take longer to perceive, while others might come instantaneously.

Yes! The products are gluten free and vegan. We only use 100% botanically derived ingredients.

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