WEEK 2 (My Rosacea Story)

week 2 rosacea story wilma


I look like a fish… Scales everywhere!
All is according to plan,Tanja says to me, because this is exactly what she wants; My skin must regenerate and lose waste at an accelerated pace and “a new skin must be created”; as quickly as possible. It itches, very much, but fortunately there is no warmth, no heat in my skin and there are no new red bumps.

Tanja Hijlkema - Rositta Kliniek Assen

Tanja – Rositta-Clinic


The shedding continues… Today a few pimples, but no red demodex bumps.
I have to get used to my face feeling warm because I’m in a warmer area. I was so focused on not wanting to feel the heat flushing (because it always gave an immediate response from the demodex mite), therefore I have to learn to switch my mind off and focus again. Of course a few pimples don’t mean the end of the world, because, hello! Wake up Wilma! Your skin is cleansing! So…..A lot is happening.
Today, Tanja is looking for spots where the demodex mite still occurs.

Fortunately (for me) it’s becoming increasingly difficult for her. In addition, she gives my skin an extra boost to regenerate. Afterwards, my skin feels poorly and it is obvious; still work in progress!


Tanja decides not to irritate my skin too much today, it’s clearly still recovering from the previous day.
In addition, it’s (luckily!) increasingly more difficult for her to find places where the demodex can possibly hide.

It’s obvious my skin and skin colour are changing = in the positive way!


My skin feels calm and almost serene.
Has this journey been a challenge so far? Yes and no. Yes; because of the traveling, the time it cost, the treatment itself, everything that happens.
No; because of the peace growing inside me.

I have to say that, despite the fact I’m not allowed to eat some foods, supplements and to do sports, it all has an positive effect, too. It’s quite easy for me to avoid all these things for a while.

During the treatment Tanja uses the microscope to check if she still can find any living demodex mites. Yes! Something tickles … Fortunately, it is very minimal and that makes us very happy.

My skin will also molt again. Especially Tanja is very satisfied about that.

Video Demodex


This morning I realised for many of you these treatments will be even more radical than for me.
Your skin, your protective layer against the outside world, is literally and figuratively peeled off at an accelerated pace.
In addition, the skin is highly stimulated to get rid of its waste quickly, so it’s detoxing to the maximum.
Fortunately, I realise these processes are all running at the same time, but during some moments it’s very difficult to deal with the emotions…

Unexpected phone call; due to circumstances, Tanja can’t work today.
Fortunately, my skin looks well so I can miss this treatment.
An unexpected day off!

At least … in terms of treatments …
Weekend! The End of week 2.

With Love,

to be continued

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