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Wilma Beuving - CEO CO-FOUNDER - Dutch Health Store

I was born a farmers daughter and raised with horses, cats and dogs, cows and all kinds of other cattle that normally live on a farm.
I was also raised with our self produced vegetables, fruits and wild herbs. The garden was the domain of my grandparents and, especially my grandfather, has taught me herbs are not weeds…… And weeds could be very powerful herbs!

After several studies and many years of working at an electricity company, I decided to change my life, so I said “goodbye” to my well-paid job.
In the meantime, I became an Epigenetic therapist (cPNI ) and herbalist. Living an organic lifestyle wasn’t an issue, for me, it was real and normal.

Because of my interest in a healthy and organic lifestyle, I started my own (health)business. After a while I started the Dutch Health Store also, together (during that time) with Dries van der Wijk. However, a few years later, I decided to continue the Dutch Health Store on my own.
A new story began…..

Now, my days are filled with finding unique organic products, made with love and passion; answering (skin -and health) questions because of my epigenetic knowledge; making customers happy with new products and improving our company, constantly; in every way.

Being a CEO and co-founder of the Dutch Health Store is becoming an addiction, a lovely one!
And one I never regret!

∼ Wilma

Wilma - Dutch Health Store

Wilma Beuving

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