WEEK 3 (My Rosacea Story)

week 3 rosacea

I write this blog post while I’m sitting in the sun on a beautiful, sunny Sunday. It’s spring!
I’m sitting outside with a hat on my head, foundation and granules on my face, I’m fully covered. 😉

This morning I went to yoga-class for the first time in some weeks.
I had permission…it was allowed by Tanja, hurray!

3 treatments

Last week I received 3 treatments from Tanja; on Monday – Wednesday and Friday.
All treatments were meant to find some last demodex mite and, on the other hand, to rebalance my skin more and more.
It has worked marvellously!
Luckily this week no flare-ups, they have been gone for a while now.
Fingers crossed!


2 new pimples on Wednesday but that has nothing to do with the demodex or Rosacea.

Last Tuesday I felt a little bit uncomfortable. My guts were “talking” to me…
I had expected “the detoxing effect” in the first or second week so I was a bit surprised it happened in the third.
Because I know detoxing has an effect on your gut. Always!

Wednesday morning I had 2 new pimples and had to visit the toilet very frequently during the day.
My detox day! I lost a lot of waste, literally, in one day.

My Rosacea Story - End of Week 3

End of week 3

The end of the week

My skin is still a bit flaky but you can also notice it now looks healthier and very calm.
After three weeks of treatments there’s a clear and huge difference in my skin tone.
What will it looks like after 4,5 or 6 weeks??

Time will tell! And I’ll tell you…

With Love,

to be continued


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