WEEK 1 (My Rosacea Story)

rosacea story week 1


It was a heavy week.
Heavy because the treatments are severe, it has to be done next to all the usual daily work,
heavy because I want it to succeed. Please!

Tanja, the lovely lady who treats me, is very kind and experienced.
She cleans my face with a special lotion and then it goes…. 😉

Where can she find the Demodex?

With a special technique she removes them, spot by spot.
The first day my whole face, the days after alternating side.

What does it feel like?

Well… like going to the dentist, you know
it’s necessary but you’re happy when it’s finished.
(Also one day closer to a happy skin! Yeah!)

After the treatment my whole face has to be covered by a coverstick and mineral granules.
In the morning I have to cover my face with the coverstick and granules, again.
I’m not allowed to wash my face and it won’t be allowed for many weeks to come.

I have to avoid some foods and drinks because it can trigger the demodex. No problem,
that’s the easiest part for me!
By the way; I also checked my supplements and medication!
It’s all because Tanja wants to rebalance my skin and therefore it’s necessary to avoid all triggers.

My Rosacea Story - Week 1 - Wilma

My uncovered face….
before the first treatment!

My skin is already calm and I think I haven’t spotted any new pimples. No blushing or flushing last week.
Tanja expects a positive result and so do I. So far, so good!
Ok, first week done, let’s go for the second one!

With Love,

to be continued


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