Botanical Vegan Deodorant

Review | Botanical Vegan Deodorant - Delizioso Skincare

I had recently threw one out from one natural company and had tried a “no baking soda” from another. The first one one burned my skin and then the no baking soda one just didn’t work leaving me smelly. Delizioso deodorant is the BEST! I’ve worn it for almost a month straight with no issues. […]

Five Wondrous and Wise Frankincense Essential Oils

Five Wondrous and Wise Frankincense Essential Oils

Living Libations offers five fine varieties of frankincense essential oils. While each frankincense essence is charmed with distinct, exceptional characteristics, they can be used interchangeably and, as always, the best frankincense to use is the one you have on hand.

Discovery of Our Living Spring

Discovery of Our Living Spring _ BLOG _ Bunnie Gulick
Wandering through the Colorado wilderness mountain forest behind my home 20 years ago, the lure of a small lively stream of water called to me. Sometimes hidden under thick brush or rushing over rocks and fallen trees, I followed it to its source at an altitude of 9,600'. I was mesmerised by the subtle enchanting [...]

Intestine (bacteria) and your skin

Acne - Helpful Tips

I often get the question if there have been any (exciting) discoveries about new treatments for skin issues. And although magazines make us believe that the latest ingredients and treatments can make you look ten years younger, there have been just a few developments. 
There’s a development I follow which can be quite interesting. There’s […]

Christmas present ideas for the women of our lives

Christmas present ideas for the women of our lives

The most amazing time of the year is almost here!!!! CHRISTMAS!!! Warm and cozy houses, beautiful decoration, delicious food, family and friends together and of course presents, make all of us so much happier.  If you are a planning freak like me, then you have already started creating a present list for your beloved ones. […]

Balanced Skin Begins With The Right Cleanser

Balanced Skin Begins With The Right Cleanser
When your skin feels dry no matter how much moisturiser you use and is showing signs of ageing much too soon, you may be using a cleanser that is too alkaline for your skin. Ideally, your cleanser is free of harsh chemicals, keeps your skin hydrated and is pH balanced to maintain the integrity of [...]

Autumn -οr- my “back to office” essentials

BLOG - Autumn -οr- my “back to office” essentials

The sad moment that you realize that holidays are over is unfortunately here. I cannot complain though. My summer was full of adventures and beautiful moments. Having amazing holidays with my best friend on the Greek island of Crete followed by a trip to USA with my hubby, left my heart full of joy and […]

BE IN BLOSSOM®: high-tech, organic and luxury in one bottle

BE IN BLOSSOM - Christina Kuhn

HIGHTECH ORGANIC The ultimate skin care at the highest level. In the beginning there was a vision: an extraordinary skincare line, that has to be satisfying customers all over the world. On the one hand, it has to be highly effective like a premium brand. And so effective that the customer smiles when they see themselves in the […]

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