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Alqvimia: {Our Philosophy}

Alqvimia was born with the premise of creating 100% natural cosmetics out of the utmost respect for nature and beauty. As heirs of the Spanish school of aromatherapy, we believe in the power of flowers’ souls to help rebalance ourselves cosmetically, emotionally and spiritually. We understand beauty in its holistic sense, as a complete transformation based on…

Intro to Acids

Acids? Why acids? Well, that’s because what certain acids can do for the skin is incredible. Think along the lines of gentle but still powerful and transformative results. To celebrate the launch of our newest product, the Daily Acid Toner, we want to introduce you to some ingredients that have become our new best friends as of late. At Josh Rosebrook, our emphasis is always on the formula and the synergy of the ingredients housed in each bottle, yet we think these newcomers deserve a little spotlight.

Lessons I’ve learned from the berber woman of Morocco

In 2018 I was invited by Net-a-Porter to discuss “wellness” with their staff during the company’s “Wellness Week”. After giving it some thought, I decided to focus my discussion on the “Wellness Lessons I’ve learned from the Berber Women of Morocco”. These women have touched me deeply with their way of life, their strength and their creativity. I am celebrating the achievements of the Berber women of Morocco who have inspired me in creating the KAHINA™ brand.

Meet the Founder of The Innate Life: Bhavna

Meet Bhavna, the founder of The Innate Life. Inspired by one of the oldest healing systems, Ayurveda, and determined to solve her own hair problems Bhavna began The Innate Life. Beginning as an all-natural haircare company – a little over a year ago – Bhavna has no plans of slowing down and wants to expand into personal care products.

Om Pur Skincare – Wildcrafted, Organic & Natural

Om Pur is a less complex, mirrored version of ISUN with essential use products designed specifically for a retail consumer market and home use. The products and suggested skin-specific regimes, are created to provide complete, yet more user friendly skincare routines. With fewer skus, lower price points and products that are easier to understand and use, Om Pur is perfectly positioned for retail consumer sales.