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How to Access Your Intuition by Listening to Your Favorite Music

All major art forms can be a way to experience a deeper part of ourselves, but there is something unique about music. Perhaps it’s because music is a frequency with no physical form, so it can easily become a pathway to the formless realms of intuition and our higher selves or soul. We may never know for sure, but it is clear that music has a powerful effect.

Journey to Peru: On tradition, cocaine and the future of organic cocoa farming

Peru, the former realm of the Incas, situated within the geographical force field of the Andes, the Pacific Ocean and vast rain forests, counts among the top cocoa farming regions. This is not due to the quantity of the cocoa bean harvest, but because of its quality. Josef Zotter, his daughter Julia and Thomas Linshalm, the company’s head of bean-to-bar production, traveled to this magical place to visit the cocoa farmers in person.

DIY – 5 Homemade Products for Beautiful Skin & Healthy Hair

Recently, we’ve been on a serious DIY beauty kick. We’ve tried and tested quite a few recipes and this week we’d like to share with you 5 of our best DIY beauty discoveries. Because making masks and scrub with all-natural ingredients is fun. Let’s have fun together! LA MAV’S PICKS OF DIY HOMEMADE PRODUCTS >>

Ask an Expert: MASKS

A mask is like a big “shock” treatment to the skin. It will indulge your skin in a short amount of time, with an overload of active ingredients to wake up all skin functions, making it look beautiful and radiant; like a mini salon facial at home! It is very important to give your skin time to relax, to let the mask do its job. The down time will stimulate the production of serotonin, resulting in a big rejuvenating action for your skin. Serotonin protects your skin cells against oxidation (damage) by cortisone. Cortisone is your stress hormone, and serotonin is your feel-good hormone.

Redness to the face: how to calm your skin in winter

O cold season, O skin despair! For your skin, winter rhymes with misery. It itches, pulls, tingles… It’s not the same for your complexion either: redness sets in. Ouch. You clench your teeth and camouflage your skin while waiting for the sunny days. We have better things to offer you! Follow the guide to transform the coldest months into a cocoon of softness for your skin.

DIY: All-Natural Acne Cleanser

Despite what you see on social media, my skin is far from perfect. In fact, I’ve had consistent adult acne for about 3 years now and it’s proven itself to be much deeper than just skin-deep. While I’m working on fixing this issue internally, I am confident to say I’ve found a routine that works – on the surface – to reduce active acne and the inflammation that comes along with it.