A Miracle For Acne! | Clarifying Clay Soap

Review - A Miracle For Acne - Clarifying Clay Soap -Living Libations

I’ve been using this soap for about 6 monthsI know it is not really intended for use on the face, but I tried it a few times on mine and was shocked and amazed and thrilled that it cleared up the appearance of my acne. 

Plant Portrait: Vanilla

Vanilla Essential Oil - Blog - Jana Teneva
I still remember the first time I was shown a real vanilla bean, my friend cut the thin black pod into two with a sharp knife. Then the tiny black dots, hiding inside andknown as vanilla caviar, appeared. We added them to the cream for an apple-pie, while the air around us filled up with [...]

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Free Chocolate 

Perhaps the only thing in the world better than chocolate… is free chocolate!