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10 Solutions for rough, dry, overworked hands—Male or female!

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Do you have rough, cracked, dry hands? Think you can’t do anything about it? Think again! Even if you’re working construction every day, or have your hands constantly in water, you can take steps to help protect and soothe your hands, so that you can feel more comfortable. What causes hands to crack and bleed? We [...]

Who is Georg Huber? (owner and founder of Jeomra)


It all started with the fact that my book about energetic house cleaning (published 2009 by Schirner Verlag) became a bestseller and more and more customers were interested in the incense mixture “Energetic House Cleaning”, which I used for house cleaning. At first I asked a company to produce the incense mixture, because I myself […]

(Recipe) Raw Vegan Snickers Bar


Yes, it’s now possible to make a healthy Snickers bar! This divine creation by our special guest Violaine Bergoin, is raw, vegan, gluten free and chock-full of superfoods. As Violaine says, it’s basically an energy ball disguised as a chocolate bar. We’re all for heathifying our fave treats, so here goes (and who woulda thought it): […]