Retinol – Its Benefits and Natural Alternatives

Retinol - Its Benefits and Natural Alternatives
Retinol – the skincare industry’s golden ingredient. But what makes retinol such an important ingredient in your beauty and skincare products? Before we delve into the myriad of benefits that retinol can provide your skin, let’s first understand what ‘Retinol’ actually is. In simple terms, ‘Retinol’ is a classy name for Vitamin A in its [...]

A Miracle For Acne! | Clarifying Clay Soap

Review - A Miracle For Acne - Clarifying Clay Soap -Living Libations

I’ve been using this soap for about 6 monthsI know it is not really intended for use on the face, but I tried it a few times on mine and was shocked and amazed and thrilled that it cleared up the appearance of my acne. 

Plant Portrait: Vanilla

Vanilla Essential Oil - Blog - Jana Teneva
I still remember the first time I was shown a real vanilla bean, my friend cut the thin black pod into two with a sharp knife. Then the tiny black dots, hiding inside andknown as vanilla caviar, appeared. We added them to the cream for an apple-pie, while the air around us filled up with [...]

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