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Seed to bottle

Seed to bottle - Laurel Skin

“Sourcing determines how effective a formula will be and the carbon footprint we have on our planet. Sourcing defines who we are as a company, and in many ways defines who I am as a human being – I can’t imagine anything more important to both the heart and science of our formulas than sourcing.“∼ Laurel

The Supreme Wisdom of Pearl

The Supreme Wisdom of Pearl - Organic & Wildcrafted

The formation of a pearl is something quite beautiful to ponder when appreciating their quiet gracefulness.Like a wise Zen master, when the oyster’s cocoon is penetrated by an irritant, which subsequently becomes the seed of the iridescent pearl, it responds by embracing the irritant, not rejecting or fighting against it. The mollusc coats the seed […]

I love the texture of this serum

Living Libations - Seabuckthorn Styling Serum - REVIEW

KEEPS THE FRIZZIES AT BAY, HYDRATES AND SOFTENS!Been playing around with my curls to see how they behave after being treated to my new Seabuckthorn Styling Serum … I used to rely on ridiculous amounts of chemical laden gel & mousse to create a “cast” on my curls as I thought it was the only […]

Seeing Spots – Super Heroes for Hyperpigmented Skin

Seeing Spots

I receive more questions about dotted, spotted, dappled, and muddled skin than any other health and beauty concern. Why are people seeing so many spots?

Reishi: The Herb Of Spiritual Immortality

Reishi - The Herb Of Spiritual Immortality

Rehmannia and Mark Koutsouradis talk about the spirit-enhancing properties of reishi mushrooms. This potential has long been known in the Far East but rarely talked about in the West. Rehmannia believes reishi is coming to us now to lead the worlds people toward a spiritual civilization.