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What is Vitamin-F and how does it work?

It is rich in Omega 6 which is essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair, and it’s high fatty acid content means that it offers a range of health benefits from supporting mental health to improved cardiac health. But why should we use vitamin F in our skincare?

In this blog we’ll talk all about what it actually is, where it is found, the benefits of vitamin F and how to include it in your own skincare routine.

What Is Healthy Sun Exposure?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and plays a key role in helping our bones and muscles be as healthy as they can be. A Vitamin D deficiency can lead to low bone calcium and increase risk of fractures, and we may be more prone to cold and flus.

Whilst getting more sun exposure can help us boost Vitamin D in our bodies, too much UV radiation can come with its own complications. From sun burn to skin cancer, how can we safely receive the benefits of the sun without risking the health of our skin.

Pure Essential Oils by Atlantic Aromatics

atlantic aromatics pure essential oils

All around the world, from the mountains of Provence to the outback of New South Wales; from the tropical island of Madagascar to the Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria; there are organic farmers and distillers (mostly small and medium size family enterprises) working with nature with great sensitivity and intelligence to produce the really fine natural and certified organic oils we supply. We are very happy to represent these people here in Ireland.

(Recipe) Mother’s Day: A Healthy Breakfast in Bed!

It’s almost Mother’s Day! The day we put our mothers in the spotlight and thank them for everything they do for us. Whether you are 14, 36 or 52, your mother will always take care of you and love you deeply, so to all the mothers around the world: we thank you and we love you dearly!

So here we have a recipe for a healthy and energy-rich breakfast (that will surely satisfy all taste buds). We’ve combined a nutritious & delicious! avocado toast with fluffy banana pancakes and a fruity energizing smoothie to kickstart the day!

All this to pamper your dear mother! She will love it.