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Our guide for an organic lifestyle – for you! Created with love and gratitude.

The 4 Skin Boosting Plants You Need To Grow In Your Skincare Garden

Now it is no secret that we love using natural ingredients in each of our skincare products, because we know that they are truly the best for your skin and for the planet. But what about using home grown natural ingredients for yourself?

In this blog we talk about some different plants that you can grow yourself which hold amazing skincare benefits too! So you can get crafty and make your own skincare from your organic garden!

Haircare and Protein Explained

If you are as into haircare as us, you know there has been lots of talk about protein circulating the internet. In this blog, we will be diving deep into all things protein and hair. We will cover the basics including the pros and cons of protein, as well as the controversial topic of ‘protein overload‘. We’ll also be sharing tips to determine if your hair needs protein, as well as some product recommendations. Rest assured, there is nothing to be afraid of!

Skin Series: Acne

Your intuition is your best guide. I will say things in this series that will resonate with you, and I will say things that will not resonate with you— I invite you to trust yourself before me. Healing is not one size fits all. We are all different and must discern what our own unique path to healing looks like. What works for someone else might not work for you, and vice-versa.

(Recipe) Stamppot ‘Hete Bliksem’

When you think of the Netherlands, the first words that pop into your head are wooden shoes, bicycles, windmills, cows and tulips. But Holland would not be Holland without its typical stamppot! A creamy dish with boiled potatoes, combined with vegetables that are finely mashed together (hence the name “stamppot”, which literally means “mashed pot”).

5 Mental Health Benefits of Holy Basil

Health benefits of holy basil, the ‘queen of herbs’ or ‘elixir of life’ as it is called, are known-from helping treat digestive illnesses to lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, from fighting lung infections to treating malaria, diarrhea, eczema, ulcers, eye diseases, and even insect bites. But did you know that holy basil or Tulsi is a beautiful gift of nature for your mental health too!

MULTI-MASKING 101 by Leahlani

Our complexions can be, well… complex. Sometimes the standard skincare categories of normal/dry/oily don’t quite cut it when our skin is dry and breakout-prone or oily and dull. That’s where the multi-mask comes in! By blending and layering your masks, you can create a custom treatment with multiple benefits, tailored to your one-of-a-kind skin.

Here are some of our favorite tips and masking mash-ups for you to try…

A deeply moisturising, balancing, firming composition formulated for mature, sagging, tired skin – Lepaar

Interestingly, combinations of various antioxidants have been found to have synergistic effects, creating formulations that are more powerful and beneficial than individual compounds used alone. Which is why we us whole plant extracts, orchestrating a broad spectrum of anti-oxidants and nutrients to create deeply complex compositions with wholesome performance so that our skin may be balanced, healthy and radiant at all stages of our lives.

New Year’s Skincare Resolutions by Leahlani

Essential skincare rituals worth committing to all year long – Another new year, another fresh start. If taking better care of your skin is on your list of resolutions this year, we’ve got your back! We’ve gathered some of our favorite skincare wisdom and beauty rituals to help you put your best face forward for the year ahead.