Five Wondrous and Wise Frankincense Essential Oils

Frankincense Essential Oils - Living Libations

Living Libations offers five fine varieties of frankincense essential oils. While each frankincense essence is charmed with distinct, exceptional characteristics, they can be used interchangeably and, as always, the best frankincense to use is the one you have on hand.


Plant Portrait_ Rose - BLOG - Jana Teneva
Als gebürtige bulgarische Naturliebhaberin freut mich enorm, hier mit euch dem Ursprung, aber auch den Tugenden der ölhaltigen Rose nachzugehen. Mitten in meinem Heimatland, wunderschön eingebettet zwischen zwei großen und majestätischen Gebirgsketten (Balkan und Sredna Gora), liegt das berühmte Rosental. Der Ort hat seinen Namen erhalten, weil soweit der Blick reicht, Rosen- und / oder [...]

Living Peacefully

Living Peacefully - Elephant

Clearing the air. Restoring harmony. Making peace. These are acts traditional peoples have held as deeply sacred throughout time. The practice of reconciling differences within a community, within ourselves and our environment is vital in all healthy relationships.

Peptide Eye Cream Review

Peptide Eye Cream Review - ISUN Skincare

WELCOME BACK! AND IF YOU ARE NEW HERE, WELCOME    I have tested, aka used it for more than four months prior to writing this review, so it is fair to say I have had plenty of time to see if it makes any visible difference.    

Week 5 (My Rosacea Story)

My Rosacea Story - Week 5 - Wilma

The Fifth Week Tanja expects me on Thursday for a treatment but, before that, I’m allowed to clean my skin on Monday.
 As a little child I’m looking forward to it. Finally I can clean my skin again, just ones.This way, Tanja will know whether my skin reacts on the cleansing or not.  Well, all […]


Agarholz - Bio

Das Öl ist sehr einprägsam, wer es einmal gerochen hat, wird es wohl nie mehr vergessen.Wegen seines hohen Preises wird das Agarholzöl eher selten verwendet. Es findet sich aber in teueren Parfüms oder für meditative Erfahrungen

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