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Meine Helden aus Frankreich

  Meine helden aus frankreich Jeder möchte sein Gesicht ohne Scham nach außen zeigen können, aber wenn Sie unangenehme Flecken haben oder Ihr Gesicht Sie mit einem bösen Ausbruch erwischt, verstecken wir uns viel lieber. Sie haben die Wahl, Ihr Gesicht mit Make-up zu bedecken (aber wir alle wissen, dass Ihre Haut es lieber nicht [...]

Does responsibly sourced palm oil exist

What’s the problem with palm oil. Shocked with photos of devastated forests and slaughtered orangutans, the image we have of palm oil has, deservedly, taken a hit. Despite its known consequences, palm oil remains the most consumed fat in the world, present in half of all supermarket products.

The story about oOlution

Is it possible to create everything all at once, tailored skincare products inspired by ecosystems, really nice to use, without chemical ingredients and palm oil? Or am I dreaming? Am I turning my dreams into reality? It took me a long time to build up enough courage to dare launch into this crazy adventure.

(Recipe) Tian Provençal (Provençal Vegetable Bake)

If you have seen the animated film Ratatouille you will know that RĂ©my, the rat, shows the kitchen porter how to make a ratatouille. Real ratatouille connoisseurs, however, will have immediately recognized that it is actually not a ratatouille at all, but a typical tian. Both ratatouille and tian use the same vegetables, but the main difference is in the cooking technique. A ‘real’ ratatouille requires cooking the vegetables individually, before bringing all the elements together at the end; a tian is an artful arrangement of vegetable slices, which is baked like a gratin. It’s a simplified, but more often than not, better looking version of a ratatouille. And a tian is also the large earthenware cooking pot traditionally used in Provence.

Anne-Marie Gabelica, oOlution founder

Anne-Marie is an agronomy engineer as well as a biochemistry expert who has worked in the cosmetic industry for 7 years before taking the path of conscious and sustainable entrepreneurship in april 2010. Confident that an alternative to the usual cosmetics was possible, she took action and created her own brand.

oOlution: organic skincare products that meets all your needs

At oOlution, their aim is to provide skin care products for all skin types, whatever their specific needs. Everyone’s skin is unique 
 this is why, rather than developing mass-produced standardized products that contain so-called ‘miracle’ ingredients, our mission is to create cosmetics with the most comprehensive formulations possible tailored to meet all the needs of any skin type!