Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Valentine ’s Day is nearby and there are two kind of people out there: People with relationships who are looking for valentines gifts and single people who could possibly find their Valentine that day ?.And because this day can also be a little difficult or stressful for people who just broke up or going through […]

Christmas present ideas for the women of our lives

Christmas present ideas for the women of our lives

The most amazing time of the year is almost here!!!! CHRISTMAS!!! Warm and cozy houses, beautiful decoration, delicious food, family and friends together and of course presents, make all of us so much happier.  If you are a planning freak like me, then you have already started creating a present list for your beloved ones. […]

Autumn -οr- my “back to office” essentials

BLOG - Autumn -οr- my “back to office” essentials

The sad moment that you realize that holidays are over is unfortunately here. I cannot complain though. My summer was full of adventures and beautiful moments. Having amazing holidays with my best friend on the Greek island of Crete followed by a trip to USA with my hubby, left my heart full of joy and […]

Travel bag essentials (summer holiday edition)

And…YES!!! The time for summer holidays is FINALLY here!! In some days from now (first days of June), I am leaving together with my best friend for our holidays on Crete island (Greece!!). Enjoying holidays with your best friend is a pure pleasure and so much fun since we haven’t done this for years. Jobs, […]

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€ 150,- and more = a free trial size of Living Libations!

A free trial size of Living Libations!