The best “all-in one” mouth product ever!!!

Review - Happy Gum Drops -Living Libations

My mouth felt so fresh and clean

I work miles away from my family.

So, every week i get my dog???, my travel backpack? and my car and here we go…?..back home.

Last week due to very bad weather conditions-and because i was so tired after a long week at work-i decided to stay in a hotel for a night.

My travel backpack is my second “home”.
Full of my essentials for some days away..and then i realized that i forgot my toothpaste..don’t get me wrong..but after coffees, pizza and snacks i cannot sleep well without a fresh, clean mouth?..however i remembered that i always carry the “happy gum drops” in my pouch at work mostly for a fresh breath after coffee breaks and lunch.

I used this magnificent blend- a drop is enough- with my electric toothbrush and my mouth felt so fresh
and clean??.  A tiny bottle that contains the best “all-in one” mouth product ever!!! ???

∼ Eva

Just amazing

I used to get bleeding gums after flossing. This has not happened once after using this serum in conjunction with the smart floss. Just amazing.



It’s simply divine!

I want to taste little drops all through the day! It’s so blissful to know I am now only using products in my mouth that are safe to swallow! I have all the gratitude in the world for Living Libations and yet another glorious creation!



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Brand: Living Libations
Country: Canada

Living Libations is an exquisite line of serums, elixirs and essentials oils for those seeking the purest
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