Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Valentine ’s Day is nearby and there are two kind of people out there: People with relationships who are looking for valentines gifts and single people who could possibly find their Valentine that day ?.
And because this day can also be a little difficult or stressful for people who just broke up or going through painful personal situations, let’s always keep in mind that after all it’s just a day.

For all ladies out there who have plans for that day/night and they are looking for some special presents that will take the “game of love” to a higher level, Living Libations have some very interesting
suggestions such as the incredible Love Butters.
Both Languid Love Butter and Lucky Love Butter are full of delicate botanicals and sweet aphrodisiacs and can be used as massage crèmes or sensual non-latex lubricants.
Taste, touch, glide and slide” as Living Libations suggest…

If you prefer a lotion form, Radiant Love Lotion is a great choice that can also be used as sexual massage oil or lubricant.
Jai Baby Joy Oil is not necessarily suitable only for babies but also for your “baby”. This is a lovely, sweet vanilla scented massage oil for all kissable places.

I Love You

Another so sexy creation is the Chocolate Best Skin Ever.

I LOVE this oil since it is the most DIVINE, FEMININE and SENSUAL blend that I have ever tried. Apply this on your body after shower and your skin will look and smell so sexy. I also use it as a perfume on my hair and I always get many compliments. Keep in mind that it can also be used as a glorious massage oil for your significant other.

And If sensual smells are your thing, you got to try the Night Flight to Venus perfume…
Venus, the ancient goddess of love, sex, beauty and
fertility…strong aphrodisiacs such as neroli, jasmine and vanilla, create this petal-perfume that invigorates all senses.

Living Libations - Best Skin Ever - Chocolate

For flushy, dewy, sexy cheeks and lips for your date, Maiden Fern Blushing Balm is your best choice.
Made out of berries, gives your cheeks a beautiful glow. Smell and taste are also amazing….cinnamon, roses, seabuckthorn berries, all together create a DREAMY combination.
If chocolate makes you feel even sexier Chocolate Ruby Blushing Balm is your choice.

Prepare your Yoni…

Excellent also as a lubricant Petal Passion Yoni serum lubricates your yoni, hydrates and soothes any area that can be inflamed or irritated and makes penetration pleasurous.
For ladies who face dryness because of menopause or hormones, this oil is a must.
Moreover it gives you confidence because your yoni with one
single drop of this serum will smell like flowers.

And for all the romantic souls out there who love wine and candles, Radiant Love Sensual Candles can help you create a very
sensual atmosphere..

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

P.S: Stay up all night and play….?

∼ Eva


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