Christmas present ideas for the women of our lives

Christmas present ideas for the women of our lives

The most amazing time of the year is almost here!!!! CHRISTMAS!!!

Warm and cozy houses, beautiful decoration, delicious food, family and friends together and of course presents, make all of us so much happier. If you are a planning freak like me, then you have already started creating a present list for your beloved ones.
With the male members of my family, things are quite easy. Some tools, some wine or beers, some football tickets are always a must that save me time and energy.
However, with the ladies of my heart things can become a little more serious. If you are thinking of purchasing beautiful Living Libations gifts from the Dutch Health Store- where our beloved Wilma is always there to provide her help and advice- my list can probably help you out a little bit to find some nice present ideas for the women of your life.

“The make-up lady”

We all have them in our families.
She can be a sister, a daughter, a mother or mother in law or a best friend. She is that beautiful lady who loves make-up. And because make-up should always be the purest out there, the
Maiden Fern Blushing Balm” is your best choice. This stuff is divine.

First of all it is made out of berries and essential oils that make it so nourishing for the skin. It gives your cheeks a beautiful and natural glow. I was addicted to rms “lip2cheek” before I found this product that stole my heart.

A tiny bit of it is enough to give you a natural rosy and healthy look. The smell is also amazing….cinnamon, roses, neroli, seabuckthorn berries, all together create a DREAMY combination. The balm comes in a cute little pot that you can carry all day long in your purse and apply it with your fingers (so easy and practical) when some extra glow is needed (like in Christmas parties.

It can also be used as a beautiful lip balm that leaves your lips baby soft.

Living Libations - Maiden Fern Blushing Balm

The “botox” lady

For this beautiful lady in your life who is very concerned about wrinkles…

Jewel Dab This powerful essential oil blend restores and revitalizes skin’s radiance. Sandalwood, myrrh, immortelle, Roman chamomile, palmarosa, carrot oil, turmeric and other amazing ingredients create this liquid treasure. You can dab a single drop directly onto skin or dilute this with an organic oil to create a serum. It helps with wrinkles, sagging skin, rosacea, eczema and fine lines.

Second “anti-wrinkle” gift idea is the Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum. This beautiful serum is a SKIN SAVOR. When I was using this, my tired skin became visibly brighter, firmer, fine lines have been reduced and my whole face looked so much more hydrated and dewy.

Beautiful ingredients again such as Jojoba, Immortelle, Sweet Thyme, Ylang ,Geranium, Myrrh, Stone Root and Lemon create this divine serum with the most beautiful color and the most relaxing and fresh scent you will ever smell.
A must have for the “anti-wrinkle battle”.

Wrinkles - Organic and Natural Skincare

The “accessorize” lady

Accessorizes can also be healthy ones..

Such as the Body and Breast Brush. This brush is the perfect size and texture for body brushing. While most body brushes are made with course, rough bristles, the Body and Breast Brush is powerful yet gentle enough for the skin. The brush can be easily cleaned by placing it in boiling water for a few moments (you can also clean it with pure soap) and just let it dry.

For ultimate results you can create a gift combo with the brush and a lymph tonic blend or an essential oil suitable for the lymphatic system. Living Libations has a great variety of them.

Range of Brushes - Dutch Health Store

The “I have a love affair with my hair” lady

We all know them…for me she is my sister..

A good hair day is a good day in general for her..Well…for all those ladies out there Living Libations have created the Crowning Glory Hair Oil.

The ingredients list is amazing and leaves hair soft, shiny and silky. It is a very beneficial formula for both hair and scalp. After using this oil for 2 weeks (twice per week), I noticed that it also improves hair growth.

Beautiful ingredients such as pumpkin seed oil, jojoba, nettle, rosemary, vetiver and Spikenard create this amazing hair blend.

Organic and Natural Hair - Living Libations

“Our scalp has more than 200 blood vessels, 650 sweat glands, and 1,000 nerve endings, and it is, of course, the mother to our hair. Depending on our hair color, we have between 90,000 and 200,000 hair follicles nurtured by the scalp, and beautiful hair grows from healthy scalps. You want the pores to not feel ignored or plugged with polymers and stuffed with silicone and surfactants….”
Nadine Artemis

The sexy lady

Well…for her definitely the Chocolate Best Skin Ever.

This delicious body oil is amazing after bathing, swimming, showering and it can also be used as a glorious massage oil (alone or with some company ?.

Raw chocolate and vanilla combined with some beautiful essential oils create this SO SEXY body oil that feels like silk on your skin. And the smell of it…..quick trip to heaven….

Organic Ingredients

Best Skin Ever – Chocolate

  • Golden Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera)
  • Cacao Beans (Theobroma cacao + Cocos Nucifera)
  • Fresh Vanilla Beans Infused in Virgin Coconut (Vanilla Planifolia + Cocos Nucifera)
  • Seabuckthorn Berry (Hippophae rhamnoides)
  • Rose Otto essential Oil (Rosa damascene)
  • Ylang Ylang essential Oil (Cananga odorata)
  • Lemon essential Oil (Citrus lmon)
The sexy lady

Each and Every lady of our heart

Breast massage oil
Our breasts suffer a lot. Bras, hormones, toxic “beauty” products..

Cells in our breasts can actually regenerate!!
However, very important information that I learned from the Living Libations website is that Cells in our breasts can actually regenerate!! So breast massage with specific botanical oils is a simple step to keep our breasts healthy.

“Breast massage with Breast Massage Oil is a regenerative practice to stimulate circulation and lymph drainage. Cypress, yarrow and laurel oils generate the movement of the fluid that removes toxins and supplies fresh nutrition to the cells. …Massage encourages the body to release excess stored estrogen, move debris-fluid away from the spaces between cells, and return the fluid to the bloodstream to be eliminated. Over time, massaging the breasts may also enhance the elasticity of the ligaments in the chest providing improved breast support”
Nadine Artemis

This oil is a must have for every lady out there.
You apply it on your breasts and it is also a great opportunity to check your breasts via massage..massaging your breasts with this blend is both practical and pleasant. And in some cases, life saving. Breast health concerns all of us and our breasts worth all love and care.

Breast Massage

The “I need a serious break” lady

We know her…we love her…we respect her.

She is that multi-tasking lady in our lives with a billion things to do every day. Career, house, children, husband, hobbies, herself..And she really needs a break.

For her, the “Diffuser Blend Bed Time Story” could make a perfect gift. This bedtime blend is a relaxing combination of chamomile, lavender, tangerine and spikenard for children.

However, this blend is also excellent for “I need a break” adults. It can be sprayed on pillows, added in diffusers, salt pipes, be used on both baths or for relaxing massages.

I need a serious break

The “Book lover” lady

For her, the amazing book from Nadine Artemis “Renegade Beauty” could make the best gift.

“Rethink conventional notions of beauty and wellness, abandon elaborate regimes and synthetic products, and reveal your renegade beauty
∼ Nadine Artemis

Well…I can describe this book as wisdom on pages.

The “Book lover” lady

Hope that my list gave you some gift ideas!!

Much Love and Merry Christmas to all of you out there,

Ho-Ho-ho ?
∼ Eva

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