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And it’s that time of the year again…YEP…the flu season is here with its aches, sneezing, sore throats, bone pain, dizziness, exhaustion and all that “good” stuff that brings with.

“Get better SOON-actually-ASAP” steps

I am a school teacher and every time the flu arrives in our school, it takes half of us to the hospital since we spread the virus amongst us.

There were many times all these years that I had to get strong medication in order to get healthy again. However, getting the flu is not something that I can nowadays afford. Firstly because I live alone (well, actually together with my dog Lulu) and since my husband is working kilometers away and my parents are also far away, I am completely alone. Which means that there will be no one around making some warm soup for me or taking care of my senior dog while I am in bed trying to get better. Moreover, I lose much money for every single day I do not appear in my office. And if you think of how many days a person can be tortured by flu symptoms, then I think that I won’t get any salary till the end of the month. Therefore, I have invented some “get better SOON-actually-ASAP” steps, in order to manage to put myself together, avoid staying in bed and go back to work as soon as possible.

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A healthy and light diet

We all know how important a healthy and light diet is while being sick and it is very important to consume fresh veggies, vitamins and keep ourselves well hydrated with much water and herbal teas. I use turmeric, oregano, cayenne pepper and much garlic in my soups. I also take a garlic capsule every time I feel that I am getting sick. Many cultures have recognized the use of garlic for the prevention of different kind of diseases because of its strong anti-microbial properties. Raw honey is also an excellent choice for feeling better and I use to add a spoon in my herbal teas. I am lucky enough to live in a country with excellent honey choices, but manuka honey is also a great anti-virus treatment.

Besides healthy diet, I also follow some steps that help me getting better as soon as possible.

Everything starts from the hands

Everything starts from the hands from where we spread all kind of bacteria around. Therefore, I always cleanse my hands very well with a good quality soap such as the Clarifying Clay Soap from Living Libations. It is a botanical soap crafted with cleansing French green clay and has the ability to draw toxins and impurities like a magnet. The clay is blended with cacao butter, golden jojoba, virgin coconut oil and great botanicals.

In public places a good Hand Sanitizer is a must have, such as the Living Libations
Illume Hand Sanitizer.

Flu | Everything starts from the hands

I also dry brush

Dry brushing is very effective to detoxify your whole body and to keep its immune system strong. When dry brushing is combined with an essential oil, the whole process of detoxification jumps to a higher level. Cypress essential oil is excellent for keeping things moving in the lymphatic system. Another favorite essential oil of mine especially while giving “the flu battle” is the Lemon essential oil. Historically, lemon oil was used to treat diseases and was very popular for its healing properties.

Salt is another powerful “weapon” against bacteria and virus

Epsom salt can be an important part of detoxifying your body. I love soaking my feet in warm water with some Epsom salts and I enjoy its therapeutic properties. And after dry brushing and feet soaking in Epsom salts, I jump in the shower for a hot shower. It is important to keep your body pure while it gives its fight against virus so it is important to get rid of toxic stuff like shampoos full of nasties, shower gels or body butters full of toxic ingredients.

For washing my hair, I use Living Libations shampoos and on my body I use the Delizioso Artisan Soaps full of raw butters and oils. If I have huge headache, I am offering myself (before washing my hair) a head massage using Shankara oil. If you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor and get your hands in it!!! For flu headache or migraine, scalp massage is a great choice since head massage balances the nervous system and enhances blood circulation and the movement of lymph fluid.

Shankara scalp oil is a beautiful blend of organic oils infused with Ayurvedic herbs and therapeutic essential oils. After shower, I hydrate my whole body with organic almond oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil. Shankara’s Sundarya body oil is also an excellent choice that keeps toxins away from body since it is rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Never forget that what goes ON the body, goes IN the body. So, be mindful.

Epsom salt

I use the oil pulling method

Mouth is totally connected to the whole body, so to detoxify your mouth and tongue means that you detoxify your whole body and that you keep its immunity strong. I use the oil pulling method with the powerful botanicals of Mint + Myrrh Oil Swishing Serum from Living Libations. In order to remove more harmful bacteria from my body I also use the Copper Tongue Scraper. Tongue scraping is an ancient Ayurvedic practice and its benefits are endless.

The tongue is the mirror to all the
organs of the body.
∼ Deepak Chopra

Bye-Bye Flu

Illume Classic Camphorous Balm is always next to my bed together with Longevity Liquid. They can both be applied to the chest or nose and they have been my savors against flu. So, I wear my pyjamas, make some herbal tea, get into my warm blankets together with my warm bottle (and my warm fluffy dog) and next day I feel like a super girl again. And…“bye-bye” flu…

Take care of yourselves,

Much Love,
Eva ?

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