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I travel much. And most times i have to travel light.
And this is why I love multifunctional products. Moreover, I am “blessed” with a very picky and difficult skin.

 I break out very easily and this is why i always try tiny samples before I get the whole product.
These three Delizioso gems saved me during my last trip.

The 3ml liposome elixir with the DIVINE smell hydrated my skin perfectly well. Excellent as a makeup base because it sinks immediately into the skin.

The tiny lip gloss sample in the blackberry colour is the creamiest gloss I have ever tried. Beautiful deep colour for mesmerizing lips and also excellent as a cheek tint. It gives a healthy glow. A tiny amount is perfect for both lips and cheeks.

And the lip balm…leaves skin baby soft during flight and i also used it all these days for my dry cuticles and..for forcing my eyebrows to stay in place?.

Love, love,love….

∼ Eva


Organic & Natural Cosmetics | Delizioso Skincare

Brand: Delizioso Skincare
Country: Canada

Delizioso Skincare follows the pure and ancient botanical aspects of skincare with the perfection that embodies natural herbs and wild ingredients. Delizioso Skincare, created by a team of knowledgeable individuals
in the cosmetic field, launched the year of 2013.

Honoring the goal of purity and outstanding quality, all formulations and advancements in product innovations were configured and shown to the world. With a love to nature and the beauty of earth,
Delizioso Skincare products are freshly artisan handcrafted in Canada. 

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