Christmas Present Ideas

An amazing time of the year (well…it actually used to be till the covid crisis) is almost here. CHRISTMAS! This year, Christmas holidays will be very different since in many countries no shops will be opened and not friends and big family dinners will take place. However, nothing stops us from our cozy home decoration, delicious food and of course beautiful presents under the Christmas tree.

For another year my Christmas presents wishlist belongs to Dutch Health Store. I buy from this shop quite some years now because I find everything I want: high quality products, ethical clean brands, excellent customer service and of course our beloved Wilma who is always there to provide her wise advice. I love shopping from DHS. Because I know that my money goes to a small business and to hard working people. And supporting small companies and shops is crucial especially through the covid pandemic. Furthermore since I am a person of habit, I love coming back to shops that I develop a personal connection without being just a customer. Because I am Eva. A person with many health issues who felt much better after ditching all toxic shit from her cabinet and who is constantly trying to use only the highest and purest products of the market. I believe that what goes on my skin gets in my body and I want the best for myself.

Last year my DHS wishlist included only Living Libations products. I am still passionate about everything Living Libations make but since a year now I have been experimented and with other brands because of my adult acne who aggressively returned as a result of hormones unbalance. And wearing mask half day in my work made my skin even worse.  My hair faced also a crisis and I was losing much of it. However, all these are past now and I want to suggest some products that healed my skin and hair.

I am not paid for advertising any product. I buy my products with my own money that comes as a result of hard working days but I love leaving and reading reviews because I find them extremely helpful. A product cannot be everyone’s cup of tea but since we are all struggling for our finances wasting money on products that will not fit our needs just sucks. So…If you are thinking of purchasing beautiful gifts from the DutchHealthStore my list can probably help you out a little bit to find some nice present ideas for your beloved ones.

Husband, Father, Boyfriend, Best friend etc.

True Blue Spirulina shampoo- You can never go wrong with a fortifying shampoo especially if the man of your life is losing hair. Both my father and husband loved this shampoo and it is very practical since a little goes a long way. My husband swears that he sees baby hair on some almost bold places of his head.


For all of you out there who are looking for great makeup products, RMS is the way to go and glow. I am addicted to her “lip2cheek” since a tiny bit is enough to give you a natural healthy look. The product comes in a cute little pot that you can carry all day long in your purse and apply it with your fingers (so easy and practical) when some extra glow is needed. Buriti bronzer is also a must have product that gives your face a beautiful sunkissed glow such as her Living Luminizer that should seriously be in every ladies purse. And of course my holy grail  “uncover up” concealer that is the only way to go. Finger in the pot and out of the door! Her eye polishes are also perfect with the shade “magnetic” to be my favorite. If you dislike the finger application, buy her brushes. They are seriously all great. I have fallen in love with RMS after the first pot that travelled with my sister from Phoenix Arizona to Greece after she attended a conference with her work some years ago. Since then, I went though many cute pots of RMS that are my staples and will always be in my makeup bag.

Face Care

Facing adult acne was devastating. All products I used failed and even my beloved BSE Living Libations did nothing. Besides pimples it felt like my face had patches full of dead skin. I was touching rough surfaces each time I touched my face. And when I was exfoliating, my skin was badly reacting. So when I asked Wilma’s advice, she kindly sent me with one of my orders a sample from an interesting gel product that when applied on my skin felt like I was placing something very cold. The product is the Acid Wash from a brand that I had never heard before Agent Nateur.

Our skin changes from time to time and it was obvious that mine was craving for something more “aggressive” than my beautiful oils. After 3 days of using this gel wash my skin got so much better. I definitely suggest you to try this wash if you are facing any skin issues.

Now, for hydration definitely go for the Abloom miracle treatment oil. Abloom is a beautiful Dutch brand that kind of reminds me of Dr. Alkaitis. Beautiful healing ingredients create this amazing oil that feels like silk on skin. And if you are searching for a cleansing balm for ladies with more mature or dehydrated skin search no more…Vemel is your way to go. When I got their vitamin boost cleansing balm with their bamboo spatula in their cute box and their so soft muslin cloth, I was more than excited. This box makes a beautiful present. Healing ingredients that melt on your skin and leave it clean, fresh and happy.

Body Care

DRY BRUSH….Gift a beautiful brush for dry brushing to your beloved ones. Living Libations have some great body brushes powerful yet gentle enough for the skin. For ultimate results you can create a gift combo with the brush and the verve tonic blend (used to be called lymph tonic) or an essential oil suitable for the lymphatic system such as Cypress (my favorite), Grapefruit or Juniper Berry essential oil.

Hair Care

For all of us who are losing hair or having other hair issues Living Libations have created some great products such as the Crowning Glory Hair Oil and the Scalp Tonic. The ingredients list is amazing and both products leave hair soft, shiny and silky. Another very beneficial blend for both hair and scalp is the Shankara hair and scalp oil formulated with Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils. This product comes in a beautiful big glass bottle that creates a really luxurious gift. And last but definitely not least, get your hands in the Innate Life Rose Hair Elixir. Formulated with over 15 organic oils this is a true blessing for all ladies who are facing dry split ends and frizzing.


Female Health Care

Reading some while ago Nadine Artemis book, I read something very interesting: Cells in our breasts can actually regenerate. So breast massage with specific botanical oils is a simple step to keep our breasts healthy. Living Libations Breast massage oil is something that I never stay without since breast health is a major concern for all women. Same applies to our yoni health and this is why LL yoni serums also make a great gift.

Stress Relief

With our stress levels hitting red because of the global crisis and all insecurities it brings with, stress relief is a necessity. If you cannot afford a high quality diffuser (I keep my eyes for long now on LL Nebulizing Diffuser- but the price is high for my current budget) get yourself or to any other person who suffers from stress the LL Sweet Sleep Pillow Perfume blend. Spray it on your pillow and enjoy the sweetest sleep ever.

Hope that my list gave you some gift ideas!!

Much Love and Merry Christmas to all of you out there with health, patience and optimism for a much brighter future..

Eva J


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