Rambles about decluttering

I like sharing. And sharing is daring, in a way.
Sharing some personal life experiences seems noble to me if my story
can inspire even in the tiniest way someone else in this planet.


I used to be a huge consumer.
Every month I was making wishlists.
What I “NEEDED” to buy. Full closet, full make-up bags and countless little bottles in the bathroom were my reality. Also full credit cards and a full mind full of thoughts of how I will manage to pay my bills. 
A chaotic vicious circle.
Back then I had my morning job and I also had to do an evening job in order to manage to pay my bills..and my debts..

And there was that dark day back in 2009 when fate hit me twice…
I was diagnosed with a serious health problem that could actually kill me and I also lost my job.
So I had to move back to my parents place because I needed someone to take care of me through my health journey and someone to financially support me since I could not afford paying my bills any longer.


I remember the day that I had to pack, leave the beautiful apartment that I was renting and go…I started crying…

I was not crying because of my health problem…I was not crying because of the loss of my job and I was not crying because I was going back to my parents house feeling at the age of 30+ like a pubert again..
I was crying because of all the mess in closets, draws, cabinets that I had to pack…I was desperate…

All kind of litchen supplies from tupperware to fancy and expensive chinas, decoration items, pillows, different types of sheets, clothes, shoes, handbags…


20 handbags I counted that day…handbags that I almost forgot their existence in my closet…a complete chaos..
No idea where to start and where to finish..

Lost - Eva

Better things of life

I will not tire you with all details about my health adventure or the difficult adjustment to my new reality.
Let’s just say that my health is doing fine years now, I found a new job soon after my recovery, I adopted the most beautiful dog and I got married to an amazing man.

Let’s say that most clothes and stuff were given to charity and to people in need.
Let’s say that money for an organic herbal tea or an organic and ethical coffee is way more important than the china you serve it in.
Let’s say that a second hand practical backpack that you keep away from landfill and you recycle its use is way more beautiful that the most expensive brand bag out there.
Especially when you ride your bike in nature with it and your favorite poetry book is inside…
And let’s say that cooking with fresh tomatoes from my garden, laughing and having quality time with my beloved ones is way more important than any fancy restaurants I used to visit.

The Story of Living Libations


I know that every woman cares about her beauty.
And we spend hours and hours, money and money for looking pretty or for buying beauty products that promise us eternal youth. I used to spend thousands for cosmetics, for different types of make-up brushes and hair products and I was paying experts for doing my nails almost every week.
And here comes Living Libations and a quote I read from Nadine Artemis that put me in thoughts;

“clear off your bathroom counter.
Liberate your bathroom and your life from the multi-step regimes,
the bottles, the plastic, the quick-fix products, and the skin type hype marketing”
Nadine Artemis


Liberate - Eva


The key word in this phrase is “LIBERATE”…
Who needs different toxic shower products when you can have a pure soap that leaves skin baby soft??
Who needs morning and night creams and serums and products full of nasties when you can have beautiful organic oils full of beneficial essential oils that make the entire job??
Who needs nail experts when a simple wooden nail brush, some soap and a non toxic nail polish will give you a perfect look?
Who needs ten different body products when you can have oils that can be used for body, hair, as a sun and as after sun products??
Who needs toxic lubricants and various chemical products for the sensitive female area when you have pure love butters and yoni serums??

Who needs ten different tooth products when you can have all in one?? Products that can be used in so many different ways and can save both your health and pocket??
And that are also sustainable, ethically made with no harm for animals and environment??
Someone can say that some products are expensive but I am kind of poor for not buying “expensive” products and spending my hard earning salary to toxic shit that destroy my skin, hair and health.
My skin got free from acne, I never get sunburns, my hair looks healthy and my teeth are finally in a good condition.


This September I had to move again for a job, miles away from home.
I had to prepare my stuff for leaving. All fitted in two suitcases.
No more panicking, no more crying, no more wish lists, no more countless bottles full of nasties.
I feel free!!
Facing all climatic changes we have to consume logically, we have to buy ethically and we need to learn to live with less.

Because less is always more. Writing these words it’s April, it’s raining outside, I am sitting in my tiny rental home, counting days for the Easter holidays to come to drive back home.
My fair trade organic coffee sits in a 2 euros cup…my dinner is a salad with some fresh baked bread…and some locally made wine…
Tomorrow I will walk to work, listening to my favorite music.
My toiletries fit in a small pouch and all my beauty products in another one.
And my closet is half full…or half empty…depends on how we all see things in life…
But my heart is fuller than ever.


Eva Lamas

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