Having trouble sleeping?

Having trouble sleeping?

Try this tranquil bedtime routine

1. Dry Brushing

Start with dry brushing with a natural skin brush.
Start at the extremities and gently brush toward the heart with each stroke.

2. Hair & Scalp Oil

Take our Hair & Scalp Oil and give your dry hair and head a nice massage with it.

3. Take a bath

Take a relaxing bath with Mineral Bath Salts.

4. Give yourself a full-body self-massage

When you get out of the bath, give yourself a full-body self-massage (Abhyanga) with our Calming Body Oil.

5. Foot massage

End with a foot massage with our Nourishing Foot Oil. Make sure to spend extra time on your feet. Press on pressure points that feel good and pull gently on the toes!

6. Try a gratitude journal

Take some time to journal before you fall asleep. Try a gratitude journal or a journaling exercise that promotes good feelings and restful sleep! ?

Dry Brushing

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