Plant Portrait: Rose

Plant Portrait_ Rose - BLOG - Jana Teneva
As a Bulgarian born nature-lover, it is a real honour to explore here with you the origin but also the virtues of the oil-bearing rose. In the middle of my home country, beautifully tucked between two large and majestic mountain chains (the Balkans and the Sredna Gora), is located the famous Rose valley. The place [...]

Week 5 (My Rosacea Story)

My Rosacea Story - Week 5 - Wilma

The Fifth Week Tanja expects me on Thursday for a treatment but, before that, I’m allowed to clean my skin on Monday.
 As a little child I’m looking forward to it. Finally I can clean my skin again, just ones.This way, Tanja will know whether my skin reacts on the cleansing or not.  Well, all […]

Best Natural Beauty Face Wash Routine

Best Natural Beauty Face Wash Routine - Nadine Artemis - living Libations

Does your face wash routine matter? Yes! The way you wash your face is just as important as the face wash products you choose. Natural beauty guru and Living Libations creator Nadine Artemis reveals how to wash your face with essential oils using her organic, hand-crafted Best Skin Ever natural skin care line.

Happy Humors: Dry Brushing, Lymph-love and Cellulite

Happy Humors: Dry Brushing, Lymph-love and Cellulite

Dry brushing is so worth the 2 minutes it takes before a bath or shower. It is a time-tested technique of keeping the humours happy, and it may be the best defense against sluggishness and slowing down.

WEEK 3 (My Rosacea Story)

My Rosacea Story - Week 3 - Wilma - Blog

I write this blog post while I’m sitting in the sun on a beautiful, sunny Sunday. It’s spring!I’m sitting outside with a hat on my head, foundation and granules on my face, I’m fully covered. 😉 This morning I went to yoga-class for the first time in some weeks. I had permission…it was allowed by […]

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