Recycling and Eco Awareness

We take care of our planet


One of the comments we received, after asking feedback from you, was:
Why are you using plastics? Aren’t you taking care of our planet?

A very good question and I have a good answer too!

Yes, we take care of our planet, we have been doing so for many years.
Re-using as much as we can is normal in our company. And if we can’t re-use it, we recycle it.

That’s very common in the Netherlands.
As you all know, a lot of products are bottled in glass. Whenever a bottle breaks during transport, it has happened in the past, all the oil is leaking into the package…..
Something I don’t want and you don’t either, I’m sure about that!

That’s the reason we used plastic foil and plastic bags. Yes, you read it, we USED…
Since a couple of weeks we don’t use plastic foil or bags anymore! We made some decisions and changed some procedures. Now everything is packed in (recycled) paper and lovely paperbags, which are all biodegreadable and recyclable, of course!


Furthermore, we are talking with a Dutch company who produce a biodegreadable product for the horticulture. Hopefully they can “Up-cycle” their residual waste for a filling product we can use.

We are talking with each other. Let’s hope with a positive result. And there’s more to improve, like the tape we use, but that’s in the “testing modus”.

Of course parcels should stay closed, all the way to you!

Recycling - BIO - Dutch Health Store

Last, but certainly not least, our delivery couriers.

They have to take care of your parcels!
A very important matter… We deliver with DHL(Express/ Economy) and DPD. Both are excellent couriers, of course, otherwise we wouldn’t ship (y)our parcels with them.

DHL Express/Economy has a very high level of customer care.
That’s the reason why, a couple of months ago, we changed from “normal” DHL to DHL Express/Economy; a higher level of delivery courier. It seems the same, (same name) but it’s a separate branch in the DHL company.

We only want the best!

With Love,
∼ Wilma

Delivery Couriers - Dutch Health Store

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