5 Tips Against Menstrual Pain

Menstrual Pain

What if I told you that you could alleviate your period pain without relying on chemical painkillers?
That there are ways to deal with it in a more natural way?

Natural Cramp Relief

I stopped taking chemical painkillers a few years ago and started looking for alternative ways to deal with period pain, especially cramping – and I’ve come to embrace a more natural and intuitive approach all together. When you truly listen to your body, it might not simply be cramping or muscle pain – you might also feel less energetic or socially wired in those days. That’s OK. It’s part of your monthly cycle and honouring that fact and feelings might even be the first step to less pressure and less pain.* 

On that note, here are my best tips against period pain & for feeling better during that time of the month:

  • Take extra magnesium;
  • Rest. If you can, take a day off or create some extra space to simply snuggle up and care for yourself. Cancel social appointments and completely cave in if that’s what you feel like;  
  • Put a hot water bottle on your belly, preferably on the couch;
  • Roll the Super Woman Blend (inspired by Dr. Mariza Snyder) on your tummy: it’s an anti-cramp, uplifting blend of essential oils (recipe below);
  • Cook a nourishing meal, your soul food, something that really feeds you and literally gives your body a warm hug. I love pumpkin soup or roasted veggies or a big bowl of a simple, satisfying curry with rice.

Recipe for the Super Woman Blend

This blend is made up of only pure essential oils and the carrier oil of your choice. As carrier oil you can use for example Jojoba
(I usually use this), almond or even a good, organic olive oil from your kitchen. You also need a little 5 ml or 10 ml roller bottle.

For a 10 ml blend you use the following (cut in half for the 5 ml bottle):

Drop all of these in the little bottle and top up with carrier oil.

“Shake” by rolling the bottle between your palms. 

Roller Bottle | 5 Tips Against Menstrual Pain

For cramp relief

Roll over your tummy, about 3 inches below your belly button (right onto the uterus area where everything is going on) and rub in gently.

For muscle pain & as mood booster

You can also put it on your lower back (if you’re having any pain there) or on your wrists/pulse points or into your palms, then rubbing your hands together and breathing it in for a handful of deep belly breaths. This is soothing to your nervous system and I find it quite relieving and uplifting.

If you don’t have all the oils above, make a slim super blend with just three oils.

For a 10 ml roller use:

I find that this works, too, and it’s also a great blend for headache relief or just as a litlle pick-me-up because it smells quite herbally fresh.

*Side note: Lavender and Peppermint are definitely two must-have oils.
They are great all-rounders.

For Menstrual Pain

By the way: I had two girl friends test these blends and both were pretty amazed by their effect. They definitely work from our experience. Smell-wise it might not be your typical rose or lavender smell, “but after I got used to it, I actually really liked it!” was the statement of one of them. I fully agree! 

I carry one of those little bottles almost always with me and I even use it as a deodorant ?

Let me know how it works for you!


*I’d also like to point out that very heavy cramps or strong pain during your period might not be “normal” (as stated e.g. by Dr. Lara Briden [link: https://www.larabriden.com/when-period-pain-is-not-normal/] and that there might be a deeper cause to it.

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  1. Shaily Samkaria says:

    Hello Wilma,

    Would it be possible to sell the ready-made Super Woman Blend roller (for menstrual pain) on the website, rather than us buying individual oils and mixing them up ourselves?

    Thank you.

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