Nadine Artemis | Stop Using Soap On Your Face | PODCAST

On today’s episode, we feature Nadine Artemis of Living Libations, a company that
specializes in pure botanical health and beauty products.
Their lineup includes essential oils, serums and elixirs.


The Science & Magic of Essential Oils

In this episode, we discuss

  • Nadine’s story and how Living Libations came to be
  • Bringing a new form of chocolate bar to the market
  • Preserving the skin’s natural micro biome
  • Traditional beauty products only temporarily moisturize, causing reliance
  • Naturals alternatives to K-Y Jelly
  • Traditional lubricants can negatively affect fertility
  • A healthy gut = healthy skin
  • The importance of a shower filter
  • Does supplementing with vitamin D3 replace the sun?
  • Vitamin D receptors are everywhere, even where the sun don’t shine
  • Sunscreen blocks you from getting vitamin D
  • Harmonize your circadian rhythm by sungazing
  • Sunglasses block the healing benefits of the sun
  • Sun on the testicles increases testosterone
  • Home remedies to help protect you from the sun + soothe a bur
  • DNA is meant to deal with a sunburn
  • Stop using soap on your face
  • The best way to wash your face – a step by step guide
  • The science + mystical magic of essential oils
  • The scary truth about perfumes
  • Many essential oils are not real
  • Combating cellulite, naturally
The Whole Range of Living Libations products
PODCAST | Nadine Artemis – The Science & Magic Of Essential Oils | Stop Using Soap On Your Face | Combat Cellulite, Naturally


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