Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field
Great results are never achieved by one person.
It is always the result of a dedicated team!

Wilma - Dutch Health Store

Wilma Beuving
CEO / Co-Founder

Born a farmers daughter and raised with horses, cats and dogs, cows and all kinds of other cattle. Nature, plants and animals are an very important aspect in her life.

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Anneke Doeven

Anneke Doeven
Products and Services Delivery

A very creative person! One of her hobbies is creating little magic dolls.

She likes being outside, gardening and walking with her dog.

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Johan van der Wijk

Johan van der Wijk
Information and Communications Technology Specialist

Head of ICT and marketing. Loves Italian food, chores and sailing on the Frisian waters.

Dutch Health Store - Dries van der Wijk

Dries van der Wijk
CEO / Co-Founder

Love long walks in the woods with his German shepherd Lynn. Find involvement and cooperation an important item.

Melissa Struik
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer, Webdesigner, likes photography and reading. Mother of two beautiful kids!

Mia Valentić
Translator & Blogger

She is very curious and wants to discover as much of the world as possible. When she is not on an adventure, you can often find her nose stuck in a book or she is busy writing her own stories.