Long, hot days and short nights. Summer 2018!!

It's definitely Summer in whole Europe!

It’s definitely Summer in whole Europe!

I hope you enjoy the sun, with his benefits, where ever you are or whatever you do.

At Dutch Health Store we still going on (no time for vacation! ?) as you can read in our newsletter.
There are always new products and this time a lovely “Aloha” monthly offer.
A free mini “Aloha” !

Besides that, we are proud to introduce Anneke Doeven, a new member of our team! A very creative person with a lot of humor. I’m sure you will “meet” her on a day, by mail or otherwise.

Every day is a new day, a day filled with new dreams and always with a big smile!
Wishing you a lot of new days! ?

With gratitude,
〰️ Wilma ?

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Anneke Doeven

Anneke Doeven


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