My work, my passion!

Joerien van der Wijk - Manager France - Dutch Health Store

Hello everybody! I was born and raised in the Netherlands but feel like a real French woman. At high school my passion for the French language and culture started. I fell in love with the pronunciation and I didn’t do anything else than listen to and sing along with French music, the whole day! Could […]

My life, my journey

Wilma Beuving - CEO CO-FOUNDER - Dutch Health Store

I was born a farmers daughter and raised with horses, cats and dogs, cows and all kinds of other cattle that normally live on a farm.I was also raised with our self produced vegetables, fruits and wild herbs. The garden was the domain of my grandparents and, especially my grandfather, has taught me herbs are […]

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Summer Sale

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                                                                         ∼ Wilma 🌹