Why Daily Self Care Should be on Everyone’s New Year Resolution List for 2021

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After the year we’ve all had I’m sure we are more than ready to ring in the new year, albeit a little differently than we’re used to (anyone else planning a pj party for one?). But whilst we’d like to leave a few things in 2020, there’s a lot more to carry through to 2021 than we might think. We’ve probably leaned more about our self-care routines than ever before, dedicating a little more time and energy into ourselves (seeing as we have a lot of it).

So, this year, treat yourself and those you love to a little more self-love – whether that be in the form of a random unscheduled face time call, a Zoom hot chocolate date, a new lipstick to make you feel a little better about the at-home look you’re rocking or a new skincare product to spruce up your routine – know that your self-care routine is for life, not just for Christmas. So, take advantage of all the time we’ve gained this past year and invest in your self-care routine ASAP! The returns you could see would be amazing! Implementing a quality and consistent skincare routine is a great form of self-care and as with most things in life, consistency cannot be emphasized enough! Much like changing your diet, it takes a certain amount of time to see the results and reap the rewards.

To begin with, we aren’t all starting at the same point – the health of our skin barrier will affect whether the results take a little longer to see or not, because we first need to repair any potential damage our skin might have experienced. This could be damage from the sun, from over exfoliation or from irritation caused by skincare or make up your skin doesn’t particularly love. Whatever the cause might be, the skin barrier first and foremost needs to heal in order to be and look its healthiest.

Having said this, we need to allow time for skin cell turnover – which on average takes 28 days for new skin cells to be ‘born’. So, to briefly understand the process of cell turnover, it works a little like this: each and every cell in our body has a life cycle – with regards to adult skin cells it’s a 28-day cycle. New skin cells are formed in the depths of our dermis (otherwise known as the basal layer). Through the cycle the cells mature and move through the epidermis and head for the skin surface. Along the way the cells lose the nuclei – meaning they are no longer a living cell, thus forming a layer of dead skin cells which when reaching the end of the cycle will essentially fall off. And voilà – underneath is revealed a layer of fresh new youthful skin. Now you understand why you have that random glow (and sometimes you really don’t). 

So, whilst some products like your cleanser might offer noticeable improvements in the texture and appearance of your skin in less than 2 weeks, other products might need a little more time to work their magic and reveal their true capability – so giving your skin around 1-3 months to see a difference will give you a clearer idea as to how effectively a product works for you.

As well as seeing the physical improvements, the art of skincare can work wonders for your mind too. Beginning your day with a little me time to freshen up and focus on yourself can help lighten the weight of the day ahead while finishing the day with your evening skincare routine is a relaxing way of unwinding, encouraging your mind to recognise that it’s time to switch off and relax. The morning and evening ritual when performed daily can for many become a form of meditation almost, with the calming nature quite the contrast to our often rushed and fast paced lifestyle.

It’s fair to say 2020 wasn’t quite how we imagined it, but there’s no doubt been many a lesson learned on the health of our bodies and minds. But above all else, with perseverance and a few extra sweet treats, we refused to let our spirits dwindle. So, here’s to putting in a little more time into ourselves and reaping the rewards this coming year.


Truly natural waterless beauty brand – Vemel – has something to say and it’s No to H2O!

Why? Surely we should be taking every chance to add water into our lives right? Well maybe not as we know it, explains Agi Miel Co-founder of Vemel, “The beauty industry is a crazy, complex and fascinating industry. For years we have been blinded by science on what’s good for us, what will improve our complexions and what will feel great on our skin. There’s been a lot of ‘sciency’ stuff but sadly not a great deal of honesty, “ Agi explains.

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