Discover our new brand | Shaman Shack Herbs

Shaman Shack Herbs

Let’s continue with the new brand and their products.

Have you ever heard of “Shaman Shack Herbs” ?
I hadn’t, but, luckily, others did!
And they tipped me about this amazing brand.

Only the Best of the Best!

As a nutritionist, a cPNI therapist and because of my deep interest in organic and raw foods, I became very happy during reading all descriptions of their products.

Well… I was (and still am!) very enthusiastic because their products are well related to the intention with which we started with Living Libations, many years ago.

An honest intention, a small company, high-quality products with only the best-of-the-best ingredients.

A brand and products you need get to know!

Lucky you… 😉
It’s possible now, I brought them to Europe for you, you can find them in our store.

Taking care of your skin also means taking care of your inside.
With the superb blends of Shaman Shack Herbs you can!


With Love,

Shaman Shack Herbs - New Brand - Dutch Health Store
Shaman Shack Herbs

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