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In fact, one of the principles of the science of alchemy is the connection of all things. Everything in nature is interconnected. This is due to the influence of the stars on plants. There is a day, a time and a specific moment when the plant should be harvested, because this is when it is at its highest potency.

ALQVIMIA recovers the ancient art of perfumery, combined with ancient formulas and alchemical processes. The result is a unique product. Each ALQVIMIA product represents the search for absolute beauty.

“ Perfumery is intrinsically linked to music; a perfume is a chord and should be harmonious, so as to create an excellent product on many levels. The magic of ALQVIMIA’s products lies in the fact that they are cosmetically effective products, good for well-being, good energetically and above all good spiritually ” Idili Lizcano

We are the heirs of the Spanish Aromatherapy School, which fuses science and art. ALQVIMIA’s Aromatherapy is the fascination with the world of Sublime Aromatherapy. It is the magical world of the Essential Oils which connect human beings to the Divine Energy of the Universe. 100% natural substances of absolute purity and the highest vibration in the Plant Kingdom. Light embodied in matter, capable of transforming you. Our commitment is such that we select the most sublime and precious essential oils from all over the world, as not all essential oils are the same.

“ The secret of alchemy is the power to transform; it is based on the search for light, the search for perfection. Alchemy is transformation. And our products transform.
We work with the two energies, yin and yang, and the element of the Air. The purpose is to unite beauty with well-being ”. Idili Lizcano

At ALQVIMIA we conceive each product by taking into consideration Yin or Yang polarity, and we indicate this in the labelling. Therefore, our products have the power to create balance, treating specific imbalances that arise.

All things are polar in nature. For example, time is divided into day and night, temperature into cold and heat, gender into male and female … as with these examples, Yin energy exists because Yang energy also exists. These two energies cannot be separated; one cannot exist without the other, they are complementary.

Well-being is defined as a balance between Yin and Yang. An imbalance is the result of a deficiency or excess of Yin or Yang energy. It is optimum for bodies to achieve a state that adapts to changing conditions, maintaining the physical, mental and emotional balance between these two opposing yet complementary energies.


Observe the following symbols that you will find in our packaging:

  • Indicates that this product has a Yin charge, that is to say, suitable to counteract Yang imbalances.

  • Indicates that this product has a Yang charge, that is to say, suitable to counteract Yin imbalances.

  • Indicates that this product has a Yin-Yang, that is to say, suitable to counteract both Yin and Yang imbalances.


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