Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum



All hail your magnificent skin!

Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum is a gift of royal proportions with ravishing rosehip
seed oil to reduce wrinkles, CoQ10 to boost collagen production, myrrh to ease fine lines, immortelle to balance bacteria and blemishes, and a bouquet of our most glorious essential oils. It is a majestic elixir to restore, rejuvenate, and revitalize skin that has been damaged by age, stress, or chemicals.

Fit for a queen (or king!), the foundation of Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum is regal rosehip seed oil, a skin tonic trusted by the ancient Egyptians, the Mayans, and modern day Chileans. The history of this skin-loving oil stretches from Cleopatra right up to today. A 1980s study of Chilean women found rosehip seed oil to be effective at easing wrinkles, scars, and sagging skin.

To the cold-pressed rosehip seed oil we added copious CoQ10, a cellular enzyme that naturally occurs in our bodies and is essential to the health of all our tissues. CoQ10 levels diminish as we age, and over time our skin cells are left vulnerable to free radical damage. By infusing facial skin with restorative CoQ10, each cell is empowered to fight free radicals, produce youthful amounts of collagen, and expand skin’s elasticity and tone.

True royalty demands absolute abundance, an overflowing cornucopia of skin-loving botanicals, and legions of doting tissue attendants! So we have added to this royal serum glorious jojoba oil to saturate the skin, stone root oil to soothe, thyme linalool to love fine-lines, ylang ylang to balance, geranium to firm, immortelle to strengthen, myrrh to moisturize, and lemon to energize.

Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum sets your skin on the throne and hails its smooth, firm glory.


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