Acne Diaries: My experience with AGENT NATEUR


Acne Diaries: My Experience with Agent Nateur

We all know the ups and downs of having acne. The emotional roller coster that goes with it, the hours spend searching and trying new things. Who to trust ? What should you be using ? What should you not be using ? Is it enough ? Is it too much ? What could be perfected in your skincare regime ? We’ve all been there.

We all know someone who’s like ”I’ve tried literally anything to cure it” and I’m a proud member of that group ! Who’s with me ? Through loads and loads of searching and experiencing I was able to drastically improve my skin.

Today marks 2 years since I discovered Agent Nateur and I’d like to share with you my experience using it.


This brand is very dear to my heart as I was able to see results very quickly.


Known as the Acne Banisher, Holi (c) is calcium and vitamin C are in their most stable, potent state. Our unique dry powder formula won’t oxidize, ensuring that you receive all of its regenerative benefits.

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Share with me, what’s the product you finished up and bought again multiple times? Have you tried Agent Nateur yet?


Holi(water) Holi(Trinity) Travel Box

Who is Rose:

I’m an artist and beauty seeker.

I’ve been researching intensely for the past 10years how our body works and how to heal ourselves in a more holistic way. To that moment forward I tried to find for myself the most precious, natural, true to themselves brands out there.
Since then I’ve been working with different shops to promote the artisan behind the most gorgeous brands from around the world. I’m also a musician who’s always up for new adventures. ?☀️

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