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Acne Diaries: My experience with AGENT NATEUR

We all know the ups and downs of having acne. The emotional roller coster that goes with it, the hours spend searching and trying new things. Who to trust ? What should you be using ? What should you not be using ? Is it enough ? Is it too much ? What could be perfected in your skincare regime ? We’ve all be there.

The Star Ingredient: Helichrysum, The Immortelle Flower – Agent Nateur

When I searched the world to formulate my luxury Agent Nateur blends, naturally, Helichrysum was on my creative radar. This essential oil is often referred to as “Immortelle” because the flower does not wither after its picked. Native to Europe and the Mediterranean, this was one of the Greek God Apollos’ favorite features and can be often seen adorning his head. Lucky for you, this beautiful ingredient is in our Agent Nateur holi (oil) formula.