5 Ways to calm down & create headspace in these uncertain times

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How are you dealing with these uncertain, turbulent times? If you feel in need of more calm, stability and solace or long for headspace and mental clarity:

Here are 5 ways to help you.

1. Morning Breathwork and Meditation

Start your morning in a way that helps you ground and soothe your nervous system. Breathing exercises and meditation are my number one go-to, my literal rock in these uncertain times. Afterwards I sit in quiet with my coffee – morning hour of bliss. Listen to the first half of the podcast if you wanna know all the details (click below).

By the way: If you like some extra herbal help in dealing with stress or for an immune boost, consider supercharging your morning coffee or tea. Have a look at Navi Organics : I can only recommend Astragalus . Astragalus got both immune-boosting and adaptogenic properties, so it can help you deal with stress in a better way.


It’s probably the easiest recipe to ground yourself and clear your head. If you can, go out once a day and feel the immediate effect! Leave your phone at home ?


These times can be really demanding and draining lots of energy, so listen to your body, mind and soul extra carefully. Don’t push yourself too hard. It’s okay to not go for a run, but simply stretch or sit on the couch. It’s okay to do nothing for a while. It’s okay to take an extra nap or simply be with yourself.


It can be tricky to accept and process all that’s going on, so intentionally make room for that. Journaling is one of my number one tools that help me process and order stuff. Simply sitting in contemplation can also be very helpful. Bottom line: Be aware that this time and its happenings might accompany you longer or impact you deeper than you thought, so create that space to process when you need it.


Shutting down your devices well before bed time is a great way to unwind and de-stress. Every time I follow this self-made rule it helps me immensely. Also, stretching and meditation are good ways to relax and naturally prepare your body and mind for bed time. Essential oils are a lovely and very supportive addition: Diffusing them an hour or so before you go to bed can help you wind down and prepare your nervous system for sleep. My personal favorite is lavender and I also love clary sage and geranium at night.

Tune in here for the full scope and an easy breathing exercise:

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Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or need some help starting your meditation practice.

Much love & light,

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