What is Vata Skin?

What is Vata Skin? | Natural Ayurveda Skincare

Vata is a combination of the air and space elements.
If a person has Vata skin it means that air and space predominates in the skin compared to other people of the same age and ethnicity.
Thus Vata skin will be thinner, feel cool to the touch, and have a tendency towards dryness.
When out of balance this skin type can be excessively dry and feel rough and flaky or look dull from dead skin build-up.

Skin Type

Vata (Dry Skin)

Bringing balance to Vata skin

To bring into balance the cold, light and dry nature of Vata, products need to be warming, rich, highly hydrating and moisturizing.
Ingredients are selected for their regenerative qualities to help slow down the somewhat accelerated aging process.

Vata skin and aging

Vata skin will show signs of aging more quickly because it is already thin and dry to start with.

Products for Vata Skin
Natural Ayurveda Skincare - What is Vata Skin

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