What is Pitta Skin?

What is Pitta Skin - Natural Ayurveda Skincare

Pitta is a combination of mostly fire with a little water.
If a person has Pitta skin it means that fire and water predominates in the skin compared to other people of the same age and ethnicity.
Thus Pitta skin will be found to have normal thickness, feel warm to the touch, and can have a tendency towards sensitivity.
Fire and water can also bring contradiction in the skin and what we call combination skin (either dry with a normal T-Zone or normal with an Oily T-Zone).

When out of balance this skin type can feel very sensitive, have a tendency towards redness, inflammation, and in extreme cases rosacea.
If fire is too high the skin may feel partially dehydrated and sensitive and if water is too high the skin may be partially oily.

Skin Type

Pitta (Normal Skin & Sensitive Skin)

Pitta skin and aging

Pitta skin is the most vulnerable to sun damage and will show more signs of sun damage then the other skin types as it gets older.

Bringing balance to Pitta skin

To bring into balance the fiery nature of Pitta, products will need to be hydrating, cooling and soothing. Ingredients will have anti-inflammatory properties to calm down sensitivity, irritation, and redness if present. Moisturizing and slightly sebum-balancing ingredients will adapt perfectly to the conditions of the skin and bring balance whether the skin feels perfectly normal or partially dry or oily (combination skin).

For Sensitive Skin

Blend Microcrystal Exfoliation Treatment with a little water or cleanser to adjust to your skin’s needs. If skin is extremely sensitive, skip exfoliation or use Deep Cleanse Treatment instead.

For Combination Skin

To address an oily T-Zone, use the Daily Repair Serum-Balance (meadowsweet) instead of the Daily Repair Serum – Fine-Line (rose). You may also use the Purifying Cleanser.

Products for pitta Skin
Natural Ayurveda Skincare - What is Pitta Skin

The Doshas

According to this ancient science, each one of us exhibits a particular bio-energy that comes together through the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether)
These are called ‘doshas’.

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