Travel bag essentials (summer holiday edition)

And…YES!!! The time for summer holidays is FINALLY here!!

In some days from now (first days of June), I am leaving together with my best friend for our holidays on Crete island (Greece!!).
Enjoying holidays with your best friend is a pure pleasure and so much fun since we haven’t done this for years. Jobs, family issues and so many other responsibilities haven’t given us the chance for a trip together for a loooong time…But…here we are!!!

When it comes to holidays, I am very minimalistic.
Many of my make-up products and fancy clothes stay behind while practical clothes and versatile beauty products join me.
My beauty bag includes only the necessary while my small suitcase hides some bikinis, some comfortable flip flops and a pair of pretty sandals for those beautiful summer nights.
Α dress that can be worn from morning to night (and still looking stylish), a hat, some shorts and t-shirts.

The products (Living Libations of course…what else??? ;)) that will travel with me on Crete are (drum rools please….):

Everybody Loves the Sunshine oil

Organic SuncareSummer time without sunscreens cannot exist.
And we all know that most conventional sunscreens are full of parabens and nasties. Ditch them all….and get the Everybody Loves the Sunshine oil!!!!
This stuff is MAGICAL and the only product that has literally saved my skin during summer time.
Having desert plant extracts in its formulation, it protects your skin from getting burned. It does not leave a residue (if you are concerned that you will go swimming and the water around you will get oily like you are wearing petroleum ) and IT SMELLS DIVINE..
I have an acne-prone skin and this oil never clogs my pores…it is actually very beneficial for your skin and works perfect as both face and body sunscreen oil.
After wearing this you will have the best tan ever and your skin will be soft and smooth.
A bottle of 100 ml will last you- with a daily use on both face and body- all summer (even more..) since a little goes a long way.
I also apply it after shower for hydrating my skin and I love wearing this as a perfume or apply a tiny little bit on my hair before I go out at night…smells divine.
Full protection, healing ingredients, beautiful tan, smooth skin, divine smell, with JUST ONE BOTTLE.

Another very practical product is the Everybody loves the sunshine with zinc Beach Balm. A beautiful plant-based, handcrafted and portable sun-stick that is perfect for those long hot sunny days.
This tiny miracle product lives all summer in my backpack and joins me everywhere I go.

Peppermint Pal (always in my bag..)

Organic PeppermintMany times I get strong headaches.
So strong that two painkillers are not enough to save me. And of course hot summer days and some crazy summer nights with some more cocktails and cold beers than usual, can make it even worst.
‘’Peppermint Pal” is a tiny roll-on product that you can carry with you in your purse and you can rub on your temples, neck and wherever you experience tension and pain.
This tiny pocket sized bottle has some excellent calming and cooling effects. The basic ingredient which is peppermint has a relaxing and calming effect on both body and spirit.
And I should mention the color…this blend has a beautiful dark blue color that derives from blue Tansy Essential Oil –an excellent skin soother.

Chocolate BSE

I LOVE this oil (Best Skin Ever™ – Chocolate) ….pure magic….. Its divine smell lifts my spirit while forest grown cacao beans make this product a true “Food of the gods” for the skin.
This oil is the most FEMININE and SENSUAL creation I have ever tried. An experience like no other.
Makes you look radiant and glowing while also gives you a slight tint of color so this is perfect for a tanned summer skin.
Pure plant botanicals and essential oils make this oil a beautiful versatile product, perfect for face cleansing, moisturizing (both face and body) and perfect for soothing the skin after swimming.
It literally feels like silk on your skin. I also use it as a perfume on both skin and hair and I always get many compliments.
A tiny bottle (50ml) goes a long way…. Wearing this oil makes me feel very sexy. Another versatile product that makes your holiday life so much easier.

Petal Passion Yoni Serum_Petal Passion Yoni serum

During summer my yoni often gets sensitive because of the sea salt, the sand and the crazy summer diet (plenty of ice cream and cocktails).
Therefore, I always carry my yoni “medicine” with me…jojoba, ylang, rose otto, chamomile and more beautiful ingredients compose this serum that lubricates my yoni, hydrates and soothes any area that can be inflamed or irritated.

Happy Gum Drops

Such a beautiful and versatile tooth product!!!
One drop on a toothbrush acts like a toothpaste, one drop with some water acts like a mouth wash and one drop on your floss cleanses your gum perfectly.
A tiny bottle that hides a true superhero for your oral health.
To fight bad breath I just put a drop on my tongue and I am ready to go out and enjoy my time.
I always carry this “savor” in my bag because there are times that fresh breath is more than necessary.

Tropical Best Skin Ever+ Summer Shimmer

I don’t like highlighters…well…I should correct my words…I didn’t like highlighters since I tried this beautiful oil that lovely Wilma from Dutch Health store was so kind to send me as a gift. Nourishing plants and shimmering minerals create this moisturizer that doubles as skin-highlighting serum.
Living Libations Tropical Best Skin Ever™ + Summer Shimmer is a luscious Tahitian love-dream.
The joyful aroma of a tropical beach is within your reach. Experience the freedom, relaxation, and deep restoration of a sandy saunter on a tropical island where the salty sea and shimmering sun kiss pure-plant infusions of exotic merriment.
It is here that your skin is freed to take heed, to restore, to become plump and youthful once more” (from LL site)
Coconut, Hawaiian sandalwood, gardenia, jasmine, jojoba, ylang-ylang, vanilla, all combined create this divine oil.
Excellent as a skin-highlighting serum and excellent as a body highlighter when you want some body parts such as legs or décolletage to have this beautiful and healthy glow.
Combined with a tanned skin, this oil brings the term “healthy glow” to a whole new level… Summer on an island enjoying some cool margaritas smelling like a tropical garden is just a stairway to heaven.

True Blue Spirulina Shampoo+ Conditioner

Again, small bottles EXCELLENT results (True Blue Spirulina Shampoo + Conditioner).
I am carrying with me the 120 ml shampoo bottle and the 30 ml. conditioner. Again…don’t let the small bottles fool you…a little bit goes a LONG way…Perfect shampoo for sensitive scalp and dry hair from sea salt.
Makes hair smooth and healthy. What I also love in this product is that it can be also used as a beautiful shower cream that gives you a smooth skin while it is excellent to be used as a shaving product (love shaving my legs with it…bye-bye irritated skin!!!). I love using the conditioner on dry hair also as an anti-frizz product and works like a charm.
This is the reason why I am truly hooked on LL products. You get one single product and you automatically have so many more.
They are all so versatile that make your life easier.

Cell-U-Light Formula

Living LibationsI will not carry this with me, but it deserves a special place on the summer essentials list.
A beautiful blend of essential oils that stimulates the lymph, fights cellulite and tones the skin.
Massaging this into problematic body areas provides circulation, lymph stimulation, strengthens the connective tissue and helps in breaking down the congested deposits.

Focus on special areas for 4-6 weeks. I did it and my legs look SO MUCH better. Again a list of beautiful ingredients such as jojoba, grapefruit, coffee, rosemary, juniper, carrot seed & turmeric. That was the first time that I tried this oil because this year the appearance of cellulite was intense on my body.
Now I know…and I will definitely use it all year long.

Maiden Fern Blushing Balm

I am a huge makeup kind of girl…I love buying make-up, I love wearing make-up, I love trying new make-up.
However as I mentioned above when it comes to holidays, I downsize…
My summer make-up bag includes a mascara (lately I am in love with Delizioso black diamond mascara. Gives a natural look, has excellent ingredients list for my sensitive eyes and the small packaging is very convenient), a light concealer (rms un-cover up is my love-I apply it with my fingers and it is sooo easy..), a lip balm, an eye pencil in black for those nights out that a smoky eye is a must and a blush…
my problem with blushes was always the same…where to find a pure and organic blush that “does the job”..
Making my own internet research I came across Living Libations “Maiden Fern Blushing Balm” and after trying this MAGICAL product I can never go back to any other blushes.
This stuff is simply DIVIDE…truly like it jumped out of a fairytale. First of all it is made of berries and essential oils that makes it so nourishing for the skin…
it gives your cheeks a beautiful and so natural glow. A tiny bit of it (it seriously lasts forever!!!) is enough to give you a natural rosy and healthy look.
The smell is also divine….cinnamon, roses, neroli, seabuckthorn berries all together create a DREAMY combination.
The balm is in a cute little pot that you can carry all day long in your purse and apply it with your fingers when some extra glow is needed.
So simple, so easy, so beautiful, so pure!!! It can also be used as a lip balm but I prefer using it on my cheeks and it just ROCKS MY WORLD!!!
On a tanned skin it acts like a bronzer giving you a beautiful glow.

Well…Small suitcase, BIG expectations and HUGE anticipation for my beautiful summer holidays.

Enjoy yours!!!

Laugh with your heart, eat delicious foods, visit magical places, love your tanned body and embrace it with healing sunlight and beautiful oils…
Make memories…Live the moment…Feel FREE……




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